Designed for Enterprises

Skype for Business support

Zoapi runs a full-fledged Skype for Business client which allows you to use Video Conference the way you have always done. 

Set up conferences, share video, screens and presentations with multiple participants.


Powerful Hardware

The Zoapi device is powerful and capable to handle the processing needs of all these applications.


Microsoft Exchange Integration

Zoapi integrates with Microsoft Exchange to keep in sync with all your meetings. 

Running out of time? Need to move to another room? 

Zoapi will help you! 

Zoapi integrates with exchange to provide meeting details, status and timing details from the meeting room display.


Screensharing - Designed for Enterprises

Zoapi's simple screensharing solution is designed for enterprise needs in terms of performance, flexibility and simplicity in mind. It takes away the time wasted in setting up meetings, plugging in wires and allows effective multi-party collaboration.

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