Instant Meetings

Meetings are Needed

58% of daily meetings in any company, are conducted in person. Apart from weekly remote phone calls over internet, the middle and top management spend significant time attending in-person meetings. Time critical projects require the teams and their collaborators working together at one geographical location.


Meeting Costs are Significant

With multiple presenters plugging in and plugging out AV devices to their laptops, time consumed in handling cable connections cost almost 20 hours/year for one senior executive. 70% of the employees consider meetings to be a waste of time.


User Preferences in Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are most preferred by managers for co-creation. Managers and Project heads spend considerable time recording meeting minutes and following them up for actions or closures. Across user bands waste of time due to cable related issues are not well perceived or appreciated.


Why Screen Sharing Now?

H.264 Video encoding in hardware is supported by Intel from 2011 starting from “Sandy bridge” onward. 2011 was also the year when portables (Laptops, netbooks, tablets) overtook Desktop PCs by more than 2/3 volumes in the US alone. Today they constitute more than 80% of all computing devices sold in the US. 2013 was the year when WiFi alliance ratified WiFi direct (peer to peer) protocol, enabling a whole lot of use-cases with no formal network establishment. HDTVs came to prominence in 2013 and all these factors resulted in practical, cost-effective wireless presentation systems.


Matching Features to Preferences

Zoapi makes wireless screen sharing as simple as plugging in the HDMI cable and pressing a function specific key. It works well with Skype-for-business or any enterprise specific video communication software. It supports cross platform devices and ensures security by using encrypted streams.

Zoapi Means

Zoapi meetings means instant screen sharing with anyone in the room, be it an employee or a guest. Zoapi is an intelligent meeting collaboration product, with multiple client, wireless screen sharing technology at its heart. Its integration with Microsoft’s Skype for business (Lync) makes it relevant for both face-to-face meetings (screen-sharing) and remote party meetings (Skype). By integrating with existing enterprise software from Microsoft’s Online office 365 ecosystem, it ensures zero learning overhead. Zoapi guarantees “Instant meetings” without wastage of time in connections and cables. 

Main Time Consumers

Some of the reasons for waste of time in face-to-face meetings are: Minutes of the meeting, Multiple presenters & Guest presenters. Zoapi tackles these main issues at a very reasonable cost.


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