Wireless Presentation

As a tool that aims to improve everyday meeting collaboration experience, Zoapi has a very capable Wireless Presentation system at its heart.

Easy and Fast Sharing:
-Sharing your screen with Zoapi is fast and simple.
-Zoapi will work on your existing network connections and is designed to handle most Enterprise networks without compromising the security setup.
-Zoapi client that runs on the host is simple, light and fast. On most typical windows systems, it will neither require firewall permissions or administrator privileges to run.

We have worked hard to ensure that sharing your screen with Zoapi is as fast as possible. After-All, Our biggest competitor is a cable.

High Quality Sharing:
With applications like video conferencing - users are typically willing to tolerate some degree of quality degradation. However, when it comes to synthetic or screen-sharing content, this threshold is extremely low.

Most screen-sharing applications are built using video streaming technologies. This is sensible keeping in mind the availability of high-performance video processors. However, text and synthetic content ends up being rendered poorly if the solution is not configured properly. With Zoapi, we have put in a lot of effort into ensuring that the quality is maintained as high as possible - whether it is text sharpness or smooth video that is being shared.

Also, unlike a projector - sharing with Zoapi will never change your display resolution. Our smart scaling algorithms ensure that the output quality remains as sharp as possible.

Screen-Sharing can become ineffective if the latency is very high. Zoapi monitors and adapts to try and keep the shared latency as low as possible.

Optimal Bandwidth:
Zoapi screen-sharing bandwidth can go as low as 200kbps. Ensuring the ability to stream at low bitrates has many benefits: it avoids clogging the busy enterprise network, improves performance on lossy wireless networks and spares bandwidth for your applications.

Available bandwidth on a network is dynamic and changes all the time. Zoapi smartly adapts to this changing bandwidth and stays responsive - regardless of the kind of content that is being shared.

Collaborative Sharing:
Zoapi allows upto 4 participants to share their screens simultaneously. It gives complete control to the users to choose and decide the layout. This composite layout can then be shared again with remote parties over a Skype for business video conferencing session.

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