Zoapi at TiE50 2017

It was on April 25th 2017, we learnt from TiE50 Committee of TiECON Silicon Valley, about Zoapi being one of the TIE50 finalists this year. With just few months of existence Zoapi business plan had made it to the finals!! Click here for the list of TiE50 2017 finalists.

We had to submit our final presentation for the product pitch by Friday April 28th, as usual it was hectic three days of compiling and re-compiling slides for the pitch, which was least expected. TiE50 is TiE Silicon Valley's premier annual awards program keenly contested by thousands of early-stage technology start-ups worldwide. Judges identity is kept highly confidential and during the pitch (in three different tracks) which is exactly for six minutes, there are no questions asked!! For an early stage start-up competition was highly tough and there were a mix of all kinds and all stages of companies. Companies from enterprise, gaming, IoT, cloud, analytics, security… had been selected among the top 100 finalists, from thousands of applicants.

Zoapi as you already know stands for “Instant meetings for everyone, in your meeting room”. Instant that’s our differentiation and unfortunately product pitch did not include product demonstration. Many people who heard my product pitch visited our booth at A38 and enrolled for beta testing. Our booth had huge footfall and we could collect more than 100 business cards in two days, with potential beta testing opportunities. If you have missed our product pitch don’t worry we have recorded it for you:

TiECON is one of the largest technology anchored conference in the bay area focused on encouraging and celebrating entrepreneurship. Congratulations to all TiE50 winners, they received their well-deserved trophies from legendary Vinod Khosla. Of course entrepreneurship attracts investors and they were in hordes at TiECON. Many of them were quite keen about us, we’ll have more to post about it, keep following us.

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