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4 Common Misconceptions About Online Meetings

Online conferences have become a standard way of conducting meetings around the world, especially when you have remote teams and clients located in different countries. Even though online team meetings have been around for a few years, there are still a few misconceptions people have about online meetings and modern screen sharing technologies. These misconceptions are so common that some people avoid hosting online meetings altogether. But these misconceptions hold no value and have no negative effect during conferences. To give you a better picture, we have gathered a list of 4 common misconceptions about online meetings and set the record straight. Check them out below:

Myth #1: Online Meeting Software Are Hard To Install

This might have been true in the past when meeting rooms were required Polycom and other conference bridges in order to host conference calls and online meetings. There was also a lot of configuration required on the software side due to complex network settings or firewalls. But nowadays, with much advancement in meeting room solutions and wireless technologies, setting up meeting room software is fairly easy. Especially because much of the meeting room technologies are wireless so the process is much quicker and hassle-free. 

Many meeting room solutions that are device operated, for eg. Zoapi, have a one-time installation process that is done by the company and includes 24×7 customer support. Some meeting room software even gives participants the freedom to directly join a meeting using online browsers, making it a 100% browser-based solution with no downloads. Therefore, with every passing day, new and improved technologies are coming up in the market that requires less support and installation hassles.

Myth #2: Picture Quality Is Poor During Video Conferences 

This is not necessarily true in all cases. Picture quality mostly depends on your device, If your meeting room device supports a high definition camera and video conferencing abilities, the picture quality will most likely remain the same. For better video streaming quality, you can opt for a cabled connection. Experiencing a delay or poor quality is mostly due to a slow internet connection rather than a presentation device.  Delay is mostly dependent on the network, so if the network is fast, your wireless solution probably is too. 

Myth #3: Online Meetings Are Not Productive

People often think that online meetings can get unproductive due to multiple reasons. From meeting room software failure, network issues, delayed connection to presenters sidetracking from the meeting agenda, a lot of queries run through the mind while hosting a meeting. 

But this is simply not true. Online meetings give you the opportunity to work with a worldwide team and connect with clients and partners from all over. These concerns go away with the right meeting room tools and devices. Zoapi, for example, is a wireless screen sharing device that connects the presenter’s laptop to the TV screen in just 30 seconds. So, no chance of meeting room delays or software failure during the meeting. It is also a wireless solution so that attendees don’t have to go through the hassle of connecting hundreds of wires while screen sharing and switching between presenters. Online meetings are also known to be very productive because of the work culture today. Getting on a quick video conference with your team or briefing them about the daily progress leaves no room for sidetracking or distraction. Therefore, unproductive online meetings are a pure misconception among people.

Myth #4: Security Is A Big Issue In Online Meetings

People fear to conduct online meetings when there is sensitive information being passed across. The thought of being hacked or information being leaked mid-conference can be scary but this is also a misconception. Advancement in technologies has transformed the way we host conferences. Nowadays, meeting room devices are completely secure and encrypted with firewall security so that no information can leak. In fact, Zoapi Hub even uses an encrypted, two-step verification connection to meet the SLA for data security and privacy. This makes sure that your meeting room, as well as your files, are completely secure and protected.

Hosting conferences can be a big challenge for people when they carry such misconceptions about online meetings. We hope this article could answer any concerns you may have over hosting online meetings. If you’re new to online meetings, you can quickly discover the benefits that online meetings have over traditional conferences.

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