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4 Key Trends That Is Shaping Enterprise Communications In 2019

Unified Communications in every enterprise is going through a massive revolution. 2018 saw a rapid growth in innovation, industry consolidation, and a shift towards team and workstream collaboration. After decades of slow-moving enterprise communications services that were both expensive and inflexible with little to no room for customization, businesses have finally adopted affordable, cloud-based enterprise communications technologies that are useful and seamless.

Let’s look at the trends that are completely changing enterprise communication services in 2019:


1. Mobile Integration

Mobile devices and applications were not as flexible with enterprise communications before as it is now. It used to be difficult to integrate mobile devices with back-end services.

But that has completely changed not. Users can also access unified communications systems and data on-premises or in the cloud from any device. You can expect this type of mobile integration to become more seamless and hassle-free in the coming year.


2. Team collaboration as the hub of work

Collaboration tools have almost doubled in number since 2018 and most of the companies not use team collaboration applications and software for meetings and internal communication.

In 2019, there is an even greater focus on team collaboration enterprises are not just adopting collaboration apps but also integrating it in the workflow so they become a true hub for internal and external collaboration.


3. Security comes to the forefront

Just over one-third of organizations now have a proactive unified communication security strategy that combines audits, mandated use of encryption, monitoring, penetration testing, patching, and firewalls or application gateways capable of recognizing UCC traffic and protecting against attacks. 

Enterprises today rely on the cloud to store data and increase cybersecurity. This technology trend is only going to get better and more secure over the years.


4. Video communications for team conferences

Video collaborations video is a growing collaboration trend, as nearly 20% of organizations currently support streaming video, while another 14% plan to do so in the coming year. Since video conferencing is an important communication tool is helping enterprises bridge the communication gap between their teams, organizations have started using video collaborations to their advantage to communicate across the teams and also clients.

Along with video conferencing capabilities, enterprises also look for tools that facilitate online collaboration through file transferring, chatting, teleconferencing services (VoIP), and more. We can expect video conferencing tools to improve in the coming years.


These 4 key trends are shaping the way enterprises are communicating all over the world and

embracing these technological trends in their workplace for increased work efficiency among employees, improved communication and overall data security.  


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