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4 Technology Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Workplace

2019 has seen a huge surge in the digitalization of the workplace. Big as well as small organizations have taken proactive steps to bring in more technology to help their employees day to day work. While it can be challenging for SMEs to adapt quickly to the latest technology, simple steps are being taken to incorporate technology in the workplace to create exceptional experiences.

Here are 4 technology trends that will completely shape the future of workspace in the years to come.

1. BYOD Friendly Offices

Bring Your Own Device or as commonly called “BYOD” is becoming a very popular practice in big and small companies to give employees more freedom in the workplace. This practice also helps employees to actually work faster because they utilize devices they are already familiar with and it reduces the cost of having to equip every employee with tech gear they might not be comfortable with.

In addition, mobile assistance works well in and out of the office to communicate with your teammates and clients. Therefore, workplaces are slowly removing rigid working environments and aligning to practices that employees are comfortable with.

2. Collaborative Tools For Internal Communication

Online collaborations have become the norm for most companies. Using collaborative tools for internal and external communication has completely transformed the way employees and clients communicate in the workplace. Companies have started utilizing the technologies available to make their work process smooth and the workplace more efficient. 

Collaboration tools like G-Suite for business, Slack, Trello, Skype, etc. not only help in hassle-free communication between employees but also minimalize miscommunication within the teams. This technology trend is expected to grow faster by the years and become instrumental in shaping the way workplaces function in the future.

3. Wireless Meeting Rooms

From casual meetings to conference halls, meeting rooms have become more functional and productive over the years. This change is inevitable as technology over the years has transformed and given way to smarter meeting room practices that not only saves time and money but is also more practical.

Especially when we talk about going wireless, modern meeting rooms are transformed into efficient and productive spaces with the help of wireless devices and presentation systems. These technological advancements are required to create a productive and hassle-free environment for employees to communicate with clients/ teams as well as to reduce the dependency of the IT team for meeting room requirements. 

Wireless presentations work flawlessly to help presenters screen share within seconds and carry on with the meeting without any technical errors like missing wires, faulty connections and more. Screen sharing in meeting rooms also becomes more efficient when you use a wireless presentation system because the need for the IT team to fetch compatible wires minimizes and it helps attendees move faster with the meeting.

4. Data Security And Cloud Storage

Today, a company’s data matters the most for any organization. Data security has become the biggest concern for all businesses, big or small. With the rise in wireless connections, multiple device access to internal networks and more, most companies opt to double the security for data accessing among employees and clients. This ensures that the data has limited accessibility internally and cannot be leaked through external devices. 

Moving forward, more and more companies will also rely on the cloud to store data and increase cybersecurity. This technology trend is only going to get better and more secure over the years.

Enterprises from all over the world are embracing these technological trends in their workplace for increased work efficiency among employees, improved communication and overall data security.  

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