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4 Ways Productive Meetings Benefit Your Company And How You Can Achieve It

Meetings are an important way to keep your team up-to-date on ongoing projects, resolve issues, share information on new clients and make important company decisions. The use of team meetings are many but the important factor is how effectively a team meeting functions and contributes towards the company. 

Conducting team meetings are useful for the company only when they are productive and efficient. As a team manager, you should know the importance of hosting team meetings efficiently that not only save your team’s time but also cover the topics of the meeting in a short and direct manner. Here are 4 benefits of hosting team meetings and tips on how you can achieve it:


1. Increased Collaboration Within The Team

Efficiently planned meetings offer each person the opportunity to participate and pitch in ideas on the topic. To engage each individual, it is important to ask questions, guide conversations and eliminate any diversions that take place. This way everybody’s perspectives and ideas are heard and valued without wasting time. These discussions can even spark collaborative brainstorming sessions that produce new ideas and creative solutions.

Tip to increase engagement-

When preparing for a meeting, create a list of questions that will help you to carry out the discussion. If there are particular people who don’t regularly speak up, ask them to share their input with the group.


2. Increased Individual Accountability

Meetings are essentially held to assign tasks and account members to each tasks. This not only creates an environment where everybody feels that their contribution is valued but also makes individuals feel more motivated to complete their piece of the project. Meeting room discussions are an efficient way to make participants feel more comfortable taking on new assignments and responsibilities which further increases personal accountability because the team will be able to review the task assignments in the meeting notes.

Tip to increase accountability- 

Make someone responsible for taking moms (minutes of the meetings) and conclude every team meeting by summarizing the list of agendas that were covered, including who is responsible for each task along with the deadlines. After the meeting, follow up via email or your project management tool to reinforce the commitments that were made. These actionable tasks help you and your team to work throughout the week without following up on new tasks every day.


3. A Sense Of Purpose

Understanding why the team has gathered for a meeting and what role does each individual plays in the project is important for the team as well as the manager. Therefore clearly stating the purpose of the meeting and providing an agenda in advance ensures that everybody is on the same page about the meeting agenda and comes prepared. 

It is also beneficial to share the objective, determine the team’s goal and control the direction in which the conversation moves so as to have a focussed meeting. Creating a sense of purpose in the meeting room will also help employees stay motivated and focused outside of the meeting room and further motivate them to work efficiently.

Tip to instill a sense of purpose-

A smart way to prepare for a meeting is to plan a meeting agenda before sending our meeting invites that will serve as the topic of discussion. This way the team not only comes prepared for the meeting, they even get time to pitch in some ideas. This leads to a focused and efficient meeting room. You can also create a list of questions that will help carry out the discussion further.


4. Opportunities For Professional Growth

A truly effective meeting enables participants to challenge themselves and try something new. While conducting a meeting you should create opportunities for each team member to take up a new task and develop important skills. A motivated and productive meeting will encourage participants to volunteer and take on new work when tasks are being assigned. Even if they have limited knowledge or experience, they can join a group that will allow them to learn and develop their skills in that area.

Tip for professional growth-

To help individuals learn new skills, experienced team members can help newer employees in completing challenging tasks as a team effort. This enables the less experienced individuals to learn from the expertise of their partners and gain new skills in a supportive and productive way.


Effective meetings provide many benefits to an organization. In addition to keeping everyone on the same page, well-run meetings also help increase engagement, collaboration, accountability, and personal development. But effective meetings cannot function only with managers and team leads. Modern team meetings require tools and technologies that help you efficiently connect, collaborate and carry out productive team meetings.

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