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5 things that’ll turntables and make your meeting rooms smart.

Even in this digital era, face-to-face meetings are the best when it comes to making decisions and taking calls.

So, meetings are inevitable and the most productive man hours are put in meeting rooms.

Be it a casual meeting, weekly team meeting or a brainstorming session, we are all looking to get into that meeting room to open up. Some might want to get into a meeting room with the team or some would be looking to get on a video conference with colleagues or a client.

The real question is, are we equipped to host a hassle-free meeting? If so, what’s the pain point in doing it and how much time does it take?

Here are the 5 things that can turn your meeting rooms smart and get going within 30 seconds:

Go Wireless!

We have all been in those meetings where the presenter had to look for the right cables, compatible adapters, and multiple ports to just connect their laptops. It not only sounds tiring but also makes it annoying.

When we multiply the time wasted here with the number of attendees in the meeting, we will be surprised. Isn’t it wise to invest in a technology that can completely get rid of all these annoying wires in the meeting room?

Introduce a wireless presentation system to your meeting rooms. This will not only help you save time in connecting your device to the display but also make a lot of space on your desk and gives your IT team a break from day-to-day hassles.

Let Presenters Use Their Favorite Device

Different operating systems need different hardware requirements. How many times have we heard in our meetings where the presenter tells a story about why he/she forgot his/her Mac adapter?

It’s about time that we realize carrying cables isn’t the actual solution. When we see how much money is wasted in buying these cables/adapters and replacing them, we would be shocked.

Instead of beating around the bush and looking for more adapters and cables, get yourself a system/platform that can support all the operating systems regardless of what drivers, browsers or ports it is carrying with it.

Robust Video Conferencing Capabilities

Meeting rooms today are not just meant to meet a bunch of people around, but a place where you can connect with multiple people across different locations. How many times have we experienced the lag and connection problems during those important moments of the meeting while we are on skype?

Today, you can use your laptop or smartphone to do video conferencing. But you cannot put everyone in your meeting room on the screen, can you?

Place the camera with the huge display you already have and get everyone in one screen no matter what conferencing app you use.

Level Up The Quality In Audio & Video

Haven’t we all been in a bad situation where the voice is bad or the video keeps on buffering throughout and we miss most part of the meetings?

It’s high time that we realize doing everything on our laptops is not the answer when we get the golden time to meet up with someone.

When you want to sit in a quiet meeting room and do your meeting, why not hook your system with a more sophisticated display and audio system lying in front of you instead of having a bad experience with your device.

Integrate & Use Your Favorite Apps

How many times have we thought of having all our favorite apps in everything we use – be it a computer, phone or even a wireless presentation device in our meeting rooms.

It’s time to get smarter and more productive in our meetings where we don’t have restrictions on what applications we can use and what we cannot.

Have a system that can integrate your calendar to get notifications, use your favorite conferencing apps to get going or even connect different channels on the same platform so that you don’t have to sign-in multiple times.

Technology can bring in “seamless integration” to all our needs. Using it the right way makes it possible to break through and help us worry less about those unproductive and unwanted things, while we invest our valuable productive time.

Introducing Zoapi Smart Meeting Room Solutions;

A simple-to-use enterprise-grade screencasting product for your meeting rooms covering all you need at one place.

Now you can connect, share and take control of your meetings. No wires, no software and no need of an IT guy beside you.

Do It Yourself Within 30 Seconds Every Time!

To get a free demo of our all-in-one meeting room solution:

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