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6 Tips For Effective Screen Sharing In Meeting Rooms.

Virtual meetings come in handy when you need to set up urgent meetings for priority updates and reports.

Well with high-speed internet, numerous video conferencing apps and advanced screen sharing tools, online conferences and meetings are a breeze nowadays!

Web conferences seem like a casual affair but it can very easily turn into a nightmare for people who don’t know the proper functionalities of the screen sharing tools used in the meetings.

Therefore, if you’re completely new to virtual meetings or trying to get hang of screen sharing tools, here are few tips you should consider before your next presentation.  

Prepare In Advance

A sure shot way of not messing up your presentation is to keep things ready in advance. It seems obvious but all last minute cable fetching and document mix-ups can be avoided if you simply prepare beforehand.

A big no-no for team meetings is the delay in process. When it comes to web conferences, attendees look for fast and effective solutions in meetings so that they can get on with their work.

Any obstruction or minor hiccup can disrupt the meeting. Therefore, to avoid problems all together it is better to have a quick run through of your presentation and software check before the actual presentation.

Turn Off The Notification Sound

This is something that slips most people’s mind. And it is also one of the most annoying things that immediately distract all attendees in the meeting room. Next time before you even step into a meeting room, remember to turn off the notification sound before you step into the meeting room.

Take Notes, Separately!

It’s important to take notes but stopping mid-way during a screen share to jot down a point, is not such a great idea.

If you choose to take notes, a better way would be to make handwritten notes or ask a colleague to take them for you while you present.

Close Irrelevant Documents

It’s probably smart to close all unnecessary documents before you start sharing screens with your entire team. From confidential information to personal documents, a lot of information can be slipped if you’re not careful.

Therefore it’s practical to clear your desktop before presenting and declutter your home screen of irrelevant documents that are not required during the conference.

Don’t Forget To Exit Screen

This has probably happened to many of us at some point of time and i’m sure it’s embarrassing for most. You give an amazing presentation, manage to impress everyone in the room and then get back to using Facebook, only now everybody else is exploring your timeline along with you!

This horrible mistake has been made by most of us, but if you remember to exit the next time, you can browse in peace, not that we advise you to!

Know Your Software

For the ones who are not so tech-savvy, it can be a little confusing to use a screen sharing technology in the beginning. If that’s the case, it’s best if you get prior knowledge of the screen sharing tools, arrange wires if necessary for the meeting and learn the basics before presenting.

Though screen sharing seems to be a difficult tool to manage, that does not necessarily have to be the case all the time. Zoapi is one such screen sharing tool that has a zero learning curve, you simply log in and start sharing immediately. What’s more, you can let go of those complicated wires and cables, because Zoapi hub is a completely wireless screen sharing tool that lets you share your screen in a hassle-free way.


Use these tips for screen sharing so that the next time you present, it’s flawless. Screen sharing tools have a lot of advantage in today’s world where virtual meetings and web seminars have become more common than meeting face-to-face. And if you use it to the best of its ability, screen sharing can be very beneficial to your company.

Zoapi is one such tool that manages your meeting rooms/ conferences and helps you efficiently work through your meetings. With Zoapi, you can collaborate with your teammates on a daily basis.

Not just limited to screen sharing, Zoapi helps you connect with your clients and employees from across the globe with multiple video calling app support and upto 100 screen shares at a time.

Get a fully functional Zoapi hub with no restriction on usage, no limit on share and complete cloud support, FREE for 30 days. Here’s your chance to grab our offer- Request a free demo today.

Make your meetings productive, Zoapifynow!

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