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Benefits Of Wireless Presentation In Conference Rooms

Conference room technologies have come a long way. From bulky projectors to messy wires and cables lying around, meeting rooms have surely upgraded to a more seamless solution. In fact, meeting rooms now boast of impressively built wireless presentation systems, smart screen sharing solutions, video conferencing apps and more to make your team/ client meeting an absolute success.

Equipping your meeting rooms with a wireless presentation device not only builds a good foundation for smart conferencing but also eliminates the need for cables, allows your business to embrace the bring your own device (BYOD) strategy and also helps your team to communicate with your clients in a modern and responsive way. A wireless presentation system can offer benefits that you may not have even thought of. Check out the benefits of a wireless presentation system in conference rooms:

1. Ensures Quick Access And Easy Setup

Some wireless presentation systems have the ability to start presenting in just 30 seconds. Using a WiFi connection, you can easily connect and access the device with just a few simple clicks. When setting up for a meeting takes less than 30 seconds, your meetings are bound to be efficient and productive.

Not only do wireless presentation systems save time, it is also user friendly. It empowers employees to set-up their own meetings using easy to manage technology with minimal IT involvement which takes unnecessary strain off your IT department.

2. Supports BYOD Friendly Businesses

If your organization is moving towards a BYOD (bring your own device) approach, it is important that your audio-video presentation and screen sharing systems all cater to a range of devices and connections. This is where the wireless presentation system comes in handy. A wireless presentation system is the best solution for BYOD meetings because it fits with everyone’s needs. Being compatible with every device, wireless presentation system also makes switching between presenters a hassle-free task.

3. Declutters Conference Rooms

The most impactful presentations will not have any effect on the attendees if the meeting space is too cluttered and causes distraction. On top of that, messy and unorganized wires that loom over your meeting room does not make a good sight for clients. 

On the other hand, a wireless presentation system ensures that your staff and guests walk into a smart and well-organized meeting space, connect to your network with ease and present their content from their device for everyone in the room to view without going through the hassle of using cables and wires.

4. Encourages Collaboration Between Attendees

A wireless presentation system in your meeting rooms and huddle spaces ensures all your meetings are interactive, always. Allowing multiple presenter options, video conferencing apps, and screen sharing access to remote employees and clients from all over the world, the wireless presentation system in your meeting room definitely creates a simple medium for your teammates to share content ideas, collaborate on projects, have equal opportunity to comment and give feedback on the content which is being presented. 

These benefits make the wireless presentation system a “must-have” collaboration device in every meeting room. As meeting rooms become more dynamic, there is a lot of demand for an all-inclusive wireless presentation device in the market. If you’re also looking for a similar collaboration and presentation system that packs all the above benefits, you can check out Zoapi

Zoapi is one such screen collaboration device that manages your meeting rooms/ conferences and helps you efficiently work through your meetings. Zoapi’s wireless screen sharing option for meeting rooms, conferences and smart classrooms helps share your connect and collaborate with your teammates in just 30 seconds. 

Not just limited to screen sharing, Zoapi also helps you connect with your clients and employees from across the globe with multiple video calling app support and up to 16 screen shares at a time.

Check out the all-in-one Zoapi Hub in action! Schedule a demo –

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