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How much time do we waste in meetings?

Meetings constitute a large part of our work. Meetings lead to productivity and new business opportunities. But not all meetings are productive. The worst meetings that go on and on are a model of ineffectiveness. Excessive meetings tend to be draining on employees and waste the company’s time.

According to studies, around 11 million meetings take place in the USA, every day. But, not all participants in those millions of meetings are happy to be there. 91% of the workers consider a third of their time spent in the meeting to be unproductive. That’s a lot of wasted time.

How much time is wasted?

An average employee spends at least 5 hours per week in meetings (with the average meeting duration between 30-60 minutes). A study by Bain & Company <> found that senior executives devote more than two days a week to meetings involving three or more coworkers. These numbers have increased steadily since 2008.

With an average salary cost of $40 per hour for an employee, an amount of $200 is spent on meetings every week. For an organization of 1000 employees, this cost can go up to $10.4 Million every year.  According to studies 37% of the meetings are considered unproductive which leads to a loss of $3.8million loss for a company of 1000 people.

Having inefficient meetings is costly. Which begs the question, are all meetings necessary? And what can be done to make meetings more productive?

Reasons for meeting unproductivity

Every meeting is an investment a company makes in time, money and resources. Here are some of the major reasons that contribute to unproductive meetings.

1.  Set up delays – Lack of knowledge on how to use a presentation device is a presenter’s worst nightmare. Different users might require different cables and adapters. And these situations typically end up in calling in an IT manager to sort out the issues. These incidents eat up at least 10 to 15 minutes of the participants and an IT manager’s time.

2. Late turn-ups or No shows – When the participants arrive late to a meeting, it disrupts the meeting environment. A good amount of time is wasted in bringing the late joiners up to speed. The holdup leads to frustration among other participants, contributing to greater overall unproductivity.

3. Lack of technology in meeting rooms– Meeting room tech brings a host of benefits. Yet, the technology quickly becomes a burden when the meeting room is not well equipped with the right tools. As a result of this, the participants have to switch rooms and, in the process, loose time. This lost time could be used for productive activities.

4. Adding too many participants– For an employee, meaningless meetings are the worst. With too many attendees, there is trouble focusing everyone’s attention and time. This can become a vicious downward cycle.

5. Not following the Agenda – Often presenters tend to stray away from the topic of discussion. Especially when there is no system in place to keep the meeting durations in check. When a room is occupied for longer than the assigned duration, there will be delays. These delays affect the participants of the subsequently planned meetings.

How Zoapi can help improve meeting productivity

Meetings that lack organization and preparation are most frequently unproductive.

If meetings are run effectively, they will foster new ideas and designs. It helps businesses grow while keeping employees motivated. Employing the right meeting room technology will help improve the overall meeting room productivity.

Zoapi is everything you need in a meeting room crafted inside a single device.

1. Zoapi’s easy to use screen sharing technology assures that there are no set up delays. With almost no setup delays, you’d be saving at least 5 minutes in every 30 – 60 minutes meeting. For a company of 1000 employees, this could easily sum up to a saving of $1 Million.

2. With Zoapi’s hassle-free video conferencing application, turn your conventional meeting room into a full-fledged AV conference room. Simply connect to the screen and launch a video call using an application of your choice. You can also share your screen with remote participants in real-time. With Zoapi, you’ll never have to switch between meeting rooms.

3. Zoapi’s meeting reminder system will provide multiple on-screen reminders to meeting participants about their scheduled meeting timings. Zoapi’s intelligent reminder system makes sure that your meetings are not over-run beyond the assigned duration. This frees up the meeting space and infrastructure for other users.

4. Zoapi offers complete BYOD presentation with white-boarding and annotation features. These features increase the participant’s engagement in the meetings and leave no space for unproductivity.

Start reaping the benefits of having efficient and effective meetings with Zoapi.


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