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How to choose the right screen sharing device for your office?

Ever since the dawn of video conferencing apps and screen sharing devices, team collaborations and client meetings have taken a turn for the better. It has become much easier to connect and collaborate with on-shore/ remote teams and clients with the help of these meeting room devices. Companies are moving towards new and advanced equipment that take care of their meeting room requirements and provide a seamless experience during conferences.

But based on the company size, team collaborations, and client interactions, you should know what are the right screen sharing devices and video conferencing technologies required to transform your meeting room into a smart conference room that enhances productivity and efficiency. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the right screen sharing device for your office:

1. Seamless Support:

Meeting rooms require utmost productivity from every attendee. Multiple distractions, lack of equipment support and inefficient discussions cause unproductivity and in most cases the focus shifts from the issue in hand.

To make sure your meetings don’t become a total waste of time, you need to bring in seamless screen sharing and collaboration tools that will not only save time and effort in setting up your meetings but also provide efficient collaboration. When looking for a screen sharing and collaboration device, wireless connectivity, fast and efficient screen sharing, multiple presenter options are some of the few features that most businesses look for.

Choosing the right screen sharing device will go a long way and keep your meeting rooms working. Therefore, it is important to understand your office and team requirement before you invest in a collaboration device.

2. Video conferencing abilities:

Business meetings today cannot function without video conferencing. From client meetings, team huddles to interview calls, video conferencing apps have become a necessity for companies on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important that your meeting room has a video conferencing device or application connected to your TV screens for efficient video calls. While choosing the right video conferencing app you should also make sure that it also has multiple guest collaborations and screen support that can fit your entire team together.

Connecting through a video call is not always enough. Team meetings work when the entire team gets together to collaborate efficiently. Therefore, choosing a video conferencing app with multi-screen support and screen sharing capabilities is the right fit for your team meetings.

3. Security:

Before choosing a screen sharing and collaboration device for your office, it is necessary for you to understand how secure the device is and whether it is encrypted or not. When dealing with multiple clients, big companies take utmost care to purchase secure devices and software to prevent any kind of breach in security. Security and encryption have become a pre-requisite for companies.

Meeting room devices need to be fully encrypted with two-step authentication to meet the SLA’s for data security and privacy. This will ensure that your team collaborations are secure and that all sensitive information is protected through the device’s internal firewall. Therefore, before choosing a screen sharing device for your meeting room, make sure that your device is encrypted and has data security.

4. Device management:

Managing different collaboration devices can become a hassle for you as well as your IT team. Most enterprises have therefore started to rely on devices that are easy to manage, have remote management options and gives you admin privileges so that you have complete control over your meeting room.

With full device management, you can easily oversee your meeting rooms from anywhere, using any device as well as track the meeting room usage. A seamless collaboration and screen sharing device lets you monitor team and client meetings, sync your calendar to the device and take full control over your meeting room.

There are many screen sharing devices out there in the market but not every device caters to all the requirements of your organization. Before going for any screen sharing device, it is important to note down your meeting room requirements and choose accordingly.

What every organization needs is a screen sharing device that is easy to use, covers major benefits and is pocket-friendly. This is where Zoapi steps in.

Zoapi is a simple-to-use, enterprise-grade screen sharing device that covers all your meeting room requirements. With features like multi-screen support, 30 second screen sharing, up to 16 simultaneous screen shares, popular video conferencing app support, you can easily connect, share and take complete control of your meetings.

No wires, no software and no need of an IT guy beside you. Zoapi makes screen sharing easy and your meetings more productive.

Get a free demo of our all-in-one meeting room solution.

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