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Need for Wireless Presentation Devices in Meeting Rooms

Meeting room infrastructure is often plagued by technological disabilities & regarded as a drain on productivity and time. Today, meeting rooms have completely transformed from a traditional meeting space to a complete collaboration space. And meetings have become the most important part of any growing organization. So it is important to make sure your meeting rooms are well equipped with the latest technology so that your teams do not waste time due to the inefficiency of the infrastructure.

With no collaboration tools, every meeting happens to be the same; the leader is the sole presenter, and no one has an opportunity to contribute because sharing screens is a hassle. Places need to be shifted, settings need to be adjusted, cords need to be plugged, and most of the time the attendees cannot figure out how to make their screens visible to everyone in the room. With conventional set-ups, multiple users sharing their screen simultaneously is not possible.  

With the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the use of a mix of tablets, smartphones, and laptops for collaboration is on the rise. If a wireless presentation set-up is not in place, multiple cables and adaptors compatible with different devices are required to ensure the ability to share screens whenever there’s a need to present content during meetings. Making sure these cables and adaptors work every time is a nightmare for any IT administrator.

According to a recent study, more than two-thirds of meetings are viewed by leaders as useless and are categorized as “unnecessary or poorly conducted” with poor planning and disorganization to blame. Most of the meetings requires help from a support engineer to make sure everything in the meeting room works fine. This creates an unnecessary delay for everyone in the meeting which leads to unproductivity. These scenarios can be avoided by using a wireless presentation system which provides desktop mirroring, allowing users to cast from their tablets and smartphones and control what they share on the big screen completely wirelessly. With a Wireless presentation device, multiple users can share their screen from any of their device and switch between them instantly for hassle-free collaboration.

Zoapi is one such device that enables users to showcase their presentations, create engaging discussions and effortlessly switch between various presenters using different platforms in any meeting space. Zoapi’s advanced screen sharing technology requires very low bandwidth to provide high quality, low delay screen-sharing experience even on bad wireless networks. With ‘Privacy feature’, users can pause their screen sharing momentarily to perform other chores on the laptop without disturbing the on-going meeting. Zoapi’s ‘Instant Switch’ features allow users to switch between multiple presenters in less than a second with a single click of a button.

Zoapi’s technology focuses on real-time collaboration and decreased set-up pain. With Zoapi, you can take control of your meeting room in under 30 seconds which enables your meetings to run smoothly, with streamlined video conferencing, boosting collaboration and productivity while saving a lot of time and money

So, if you look around your meeting rooms and see different adaptors all over the table and long cables running every way and handful of orphaned remote controls; you’ll know your meeting rooms are due for an upgrade.


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