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Role of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Role of Video Conferencing in healthcare

In our daily courses of life, we humans, have lots of tasks to perform and achieve. An essential factor, to keep us going on and achieve these is our well-being and good health. Staying and being healthy is very necessary because of the direct impact it can have on ourselves and our routines, which the recent COVID-19 would’ve definitely taught us. But wait, where’s the time in this busy world? Well, why worry when you have the technology of video conferencing right at your fingertips!

Traditional Healthcare

Diseases and viruses have been prevalent for centuries, and typically speaking, whenever we fall ill or feel sick, we resort to consulting a nearby doctor. So, The concept of healthcare has existed for thousands of years, with evidence of medical practices dating back to ancient civilizations like Egypt, India, China, and Greece. These early medical practices focused on natural remedies, such as herbal medicines, as well as surgical procedures.

Speaking of the current era, with a rise in mental health awareness, stress management, etc, more people have also been visiting other specialists like therapists and counselors to help stay mentally healthy.

All these traditionally involved in-person visits, which in turn led to you having to travel even for a small or basic consultation. But here comes the revolution that has made our lives much more simplified- The video conferencing technology!

Digital Healthcare

Modern-day tech has evolved to an extent where all your consultations and healthcare appointments can now be conducted and done online, simply through your mobile phones. This concept basically works like this-

  • You go to your healthcare app
  • Select your requirements and specifications
  • Choose your convenient date and time
  • You’ll be scheduled with the concerned doctor/specialist
  • The consultation will be done through a video call (preferably)

Aside from this, there are also further options where the doctor can visit you directly at your home itself, in case of consultations that require a physical evaluation. And just like that, this saves you the trouble of having to leave your home and wait in long queues at hospitals or clinics.

Video Consultations- Health Through Technology

Video conferencing has had a significant impact on healthcare in recent years by bringing in facilities such as:

  • Remote consultations– This enables patients to get consulted virtually from their homes, especially useful for those living in remote areas or having mobility issues, as it allows them to receive medical advice without the need to travel.
  • Improved access to specialists– By using telemedicine, patients can receive consultations and treatment from doctors and specialists who are not physically located in their area.
  • Enhanced collaboration among healthcare professionals– Healthcare professionals can easily share information and consult with each other about patient care.
  • Time and cost savings- Patients no longer need to travel to see a healthcare professional, and healthcare providers can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Improved patient outcomes- Remote consultations will help ensure patients receive timely medical advice and treatment, improving patient outcomes.
  • Increased access to mental healthcare- Helps address issues of access and equity in mental healthcare by virtual therapy and counseling, etc.
  • Increased social connection- You can consult some of the best specialists from all over the world, which will improve your network too.

A Happy Healthcare Experience With Zoapi

Having seen how big of a role video conferencing plays in modern-day healthcare, it is important to ensure that you choose the right video technology. This is where Zoapi comes in with its all-rounder video conferencing solutions…

From its convenient features like wireless presentations, one-stop access to all video calling platforms, etc, to time-saving features like calendar integration, meeting schedulers, etc, Zoapi would be a great add-on for healthcare too, ensuring a happy and smooth healthcare experience.

All in all, a huge shoutout to all those who are part of the healthcare and mental care industry, who nurture us and help enhance the quality of our lives. Health is wealth, and investing in the right video-conferencing solution can do wonders in increasing the efficiency and operations of health care and consultations. So let us make a smart choice for a longer, more convenient, and a better life!


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