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Stuck with VGA? switch now.

Are you stuck with a old VGA projector while your presenters have moved with technology long back to HDMI?

Are these your constant companions in meeting rooms?

Switch over to Zoapi, you’ll never have to worry about connectors for any one in any of your meeting rooms ever.

Whoa — I know its lot of any-s and ever-s. But that’s true ,zoapi is the only wireless screen sharing service out there which allows you doesn’t bind you to any hardware/dongles/network/OS or even a browser.

A service and not a product

Yes you read it right Zoapi is an enabling service for all the co-working spaces out there. Co-working spaces are kind of melting points for various firms. Each of them have their own preferred devices/OS, own preferred Video conferencing service (Zoom, BlueJeans, Webex, Chime..), their own collaboration platforms (Slack, Jira, Trac..), their own world of calendar etc.,

Zoapi co-works perfectly in a co-working space, providing the right service not just at right price point but also in right business model.


Zoapi is the only service which provides you secure wireless presentation in your rooms, with your data never leaving your network and you pay just for the minutes you use.

A fixed cost completely converted into a variable cost — which can now be directly charged to the member firm at a co-working space.

Co-working spaces never have sufficient space & every space is monetized.

Room booking is passe for an agile start-up.

Yet not all huddles need a room, can just do with a TV, ScreenShare & a remote Video call.

Zoapi provides you just that & costs far less than any of its competition in the enterprise worlds.

When more than one team member want to show-up their screens, they juggle cables and shift positions to be nearer to the TV Screen. Switching presenters is an avoidable overhead in meetings.

Switching overheads are more prominent in a business classroom, primed up for group presentations. With 6-7 groups having to present one after another, students just queue-up at the well to beat delays.

Zoapi enabled rooms cut cabling costs in a big way. Zoapi rooms can be dismantled and reconfigured with minimal cost impact. Zoapi rooms allow flexible seating arrangements. With Zoapi switching between presenters can be done at just a click of a button; with no shuffling of people!!

In a nutshell Zoapi rooms keep you flexible, as it leaves you with more money, more space and lot more time.

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