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Helpful Tips to Efficiently Manage Your Remote Team

With globalization hitting corporations and SME’s in every sector, hiring a diverse talent pool from all across the world has become an easy process. While team collaborations with remote teams come naturally due to screen sharing and video conferencing tools, managing the remote team becomes a difficult process for managers and higher-ups, especially if they are accustomed to in-house teams sitting in close proximity.

But ever since remote working is on the rise with 70% of global employees work remotely at least once a week (source) it is important to acknowledge the need for a more connected work environment. This also calls for better and more efficient team management for remote teams to feel inclusive and connected. If you are looking to efficiently manage your remote team for better collaboration and productivity, here are 4 tips that will prove helpful:

1. Set Clear Guidelines

As a manager, putting more efforts while hiring remote team pays off. A well planned on-boarding process helps employees to understand what is expected of them in the work front. This can include a practical 30-60-90 day plan or a detailed checklist that lists their objectives and work goals.

It is important for managers to set goals for their employees, therefore setting clear guidelines for remote teams helps them get an idea of the work culture and also helps you simplify the onboarding process.

2. Use Team Meetings To Stay Connected

Remote employees feel more connected when they are included in team meetings and discussions. Keeping your remote team informed about the daily progress and taking their inputs and suggestions is important in building an inclusive environment for remote workers.

Staying connected with your remote employees during team meetings is not impossible. In fact, with so much development in tech, collaborating with your team virtually can be done in a matter of seconds. You can use Zoapi’s screen sharing and video conferencing device to wirelessly connect with your remote team and collaborate seamlessly under 30 seconds. SMEs also use smart screen sharing device to bring their in-house and remote team together and collectively work on projects.

screen sharing device

3. Promote An Open Culture

Creating a work environment where your remote team feels valued and heard is extremely important for your company. It is, therefore, necessary to create an inclusive environment wherein employees can share their ideas, goals and issues with the management freely.

An open door policy allows employees to communicate freely and give them the opportunity to offer ideas and ask questions. When it comes to remote teams, you should make sure you have frequent one-on-one conversations and schedule meetings to communicate with them, understand their shortcomings and work through it, together.

4. Leverage Video Calls

Being spread over different timezones and countries should not hinder team collaborations and important meetings, especially with so many video conferencing tools that help you and your team stay connected. Managers and team leads often leverage the benefit of extensive video conferencing tools to collaborate with their remote team on the go.

Despite being spread out, video conferencing tools like Zoapi help remote workers stay connected to their team and contribute to team meetings from all over the world.

Efficient remote team management increases employee productivity and helps them stay loyal to your company even from afar. Therefore, companies use online collaboration tools and devices like Slack, Zoapi, G-suite, Trello to connect with their remote team on a daily basis. Using these tips and some helpful tools will ensure efficient management of your in-house team and remote employees.

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