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Etiquette- Key to a successful video conference

Digitalization revolutionized and changed almost every operation of an organization. One of the most important things that changed was ‘Communication’. Many business-related meetings started going online which helped many business organizations save a lot of funds and re-invest into more productive activities.

The pandemic also helped many managements to try and evaluate online modes of communication and as anticipated, majority of them found it more effective and efficient to conduct meetings online as it gave more room for improvement and comfort. We all know video conferencing is one of the most important aspects of communication and also the most interactive way of internet communication, but, it also comes with its own snag. While the host prepares for the meeting with all his/her/their creativity, it is the cooperation of all the attendees that will keep the video conference away from any disruption.

This article will enlighten you with few easy and simple etiquettes and help you make the best use of a video conference!

Elements of a Successful Video Conference:

The first and foremost quality of a person that is observed across the globe is ‘Punctuality’. Being on time is very important as it may affect the collective interest of your fellow mates, bosses, colleagues etc. It becomes very challenging for the host if the participants join the video conference at their own convenience. And that’s why being on time becomes the first element and an important etiquette for a successful video conference.

Test runs are a must! When you’ve scheduled a very important meeting with a prospective client, you cannot afford to have a faulty video conferencing system to spoil the whole objective of the meeting. So you must make sure, well beforehand, that all the essential equipment is working at par with the requirements.

Few of the most essential ‘checks’ you might want to consider doing are: adjusting the volume input and output, setting camera angle and checking if the video appears on screen in the right ratio, checking internet speed using speed-check apps like Ookla etc.

The next element might seem the easiest but makes an enormous amount of difference in a video conference. Mute yourself if you are not speaking. Even if you are not speaking, many of the modern inbuilt mics can pick up background sound and sounds of typing, coughing and even outdoor traffic noises. This will trap the speaker’s attention and easily deviate their speech.

Avoid cross-talks as much as possible. Cross talks usually arise during a video conference between remote workers and on-site workers. In fact, the ‘2020 State of Remote Work’ survey revealed that interruptions and being talked over are two most regarded reasons for a bad meeting. So, avoiding cross talks not only increases productivity of the meeting but also ascends confidence of the speaker.

Now coming to the most debatable element of a video conference, attire. Attending a meeting online from home can bewilder you to a debate within yourself about what to wear. While some might argue that it is their right to wear casual clothes because they are working from home, it is widely regarded as a rude behaviour as it tends to mar the decorum of a video conference.

The way you present yourself will speak volumes more than your words. So be dressed in formal attire even if you are attending the conference from the comfort of your home.

Above mentioned are few tips to make your video conferencing experience even better than it already is!

Zoapi to the rescue:

You might have understood how important it is to follow video-conferencing etiquettes to conduct a smooth and flawless meeting.

But how can Zoapi help you in this process? With Zoapi connected to your meeting room, you can seamlessly share your screens from any device running Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android or iOS. You can even host video conferences using Zoom, Skype, MS teams or any other application of your device. This will avoid the awkward ‘waiting time’ to connect with your clients or employees.

We saw how punctuality matters the most in video conferences. Naturally Human Beings tend to make errors and can’t remember everything. But you need not worry if you are connected with Zoapi! Yes, Zoapi Hub allows you to integrate your favourite calendar and reminds you about previously scheduled meetings. So with Zoapi, you will never be late to any video conference!

Not only this, Zoapi has so many other features like Room Scheduler which allows you to check the availability of meeting rooms and book it prior to the conference. Zoapi also has Online Dashboard where you can operate all the other features from one device and also get insights regarding real time stats and analytics of a meeting!

Grow more, Grow with Zoapi.

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