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What is a wireless presentation system?

Wireless presentation system — allow multiple people in a single room to present their screens to projector/TV wirelessly. They are enterprise version of Chromecast, Airplay, and Miracast.

Who needs them?

Offices with a whole lot of meetings/presentations like Banks, Corporate offices, Higher education classrooms, Long projects with long design & decision meetings, Consultancy firms, Deal makers, Auditors, …and so on

These Wireless presentation system help us save:

  1. Space — by allowing presenters to present from anywhere in the room, hence they get us more room per room.
  2. Time — by allowing presenters to be switched among themselves without the fuss of passing cables and even dongles.
  3. Money — By saving on cabling cost and providing flexibility in room design.

Who are the providers of these systems.

There are many providers today, some of them are Barco, AirTame, Crowd Beemer, Mersive, WePresent, Crestron, etc.,

Zoapi provides a cost-effective wireless presentation system optimizes on TCO and provides excellent video and audio quality in challenging environments.

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