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Wireless presentation device

Wireless Presentation Product Comparison Report

Compare Zoapi, Barco Clickshare, Mersive Solistice, and Airtame2

Today, you have lots of choices in the market to make your meeting room wireless. Of course, they are feature-rich with content sharing, reverse streaming camera, quad view, app sharing, proximity, and a lot more. Which of these are important to you? Probably none of them. Most likely, you simply get the features, which may or may not capture what you need.

Choosing the right wireless solution for your meeting room which meets all your requirements and works on your corporate network can be a daunting experience. To understand the actual requirements of a typical corporate meeting room, Zoapi did a survey of 532 professionals from across 8 different industries to get their perspective on what features are important to them in meeting rooms. The following graph shows theer responses.


Meeting Room Features

With these insights, we compared four popular wireless collaboration solutions from feature relevance, configurability, cost and usability perspective: Zoapi, Mersive Solstice, Airtame 2 and Barco ClickShare.

Read our white paper Wireless Presentation Product Comparison to understand more about the differences between these products and what suits your specific requirements. Download your free copy of the white paper here

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