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Wireless presentation device

Wireless Presentation Systems – 10 things to look for before making the decision


With the implementation of BYOD on the rise, everyone is bringing their own laptops to business meetings, and connecting to the TV via cables and adapters isn’t so easy. TVs come with many different video inputs and similarly, laptops come with a wide range of video outputs and sometimes the inputs and outputs don’t match up.

And every time a user gets confused by something tech-related, their first instinct is always to call IT.

IT admins end up spending most of their time on tasks like delivering adapters and cables to users who are having difficulty connecting to the conference room TV or projector.

Adapters and cables are responsible for wreaking the most havoc in the meeting rooms, leaving the IT departments with no choice but to use their system admin as cable connectivity troubleshooters.

In the absence of a wireless meeting room solution, a minimum of 5 minutes is wasted on 3 meetings, every 5 working days. Hence 75 minutes of time is wasted every week, and not to forget the time that is wasted on additional participants per meeting, on configurations and device malfunctions.

Innovative and efficient organizations do everything they can to get out of the way of their employees, so their employees can use their valuable skills for which they were hired for.

Wireless technology allows presenters to kick start their meetings without being constrained to the projection device and they can choose any seat in the meeting room. So, if you’re an IT admin and you’re looking for a wireless presentation device, the following 10 Q&A should help make your decision easy:


  1. How many meeting rooms does your organization have?

The number of meeting rooms you want to deploy a wireless presentation system in will somewhat reduce your future shortlist of suppliers. If you have 10+ meeting rooms, you don’t want to be visiting every room to update the solution or change the settings.

Some wireless presentation devices come with a central management portal that allows you to bulk update solutions, change settings, and view statuses.


  1. What’s the current set up of these meeting/conference rooms?

You’ll need to note the set up of these spaces, as they all might be very different. Is there already an existing setup in the room, such as a screen, an interactive touch screen or video conferencing suite?

Or perhaps some of the spaces are devoid of any technology and just include whiteboards and markers. By evaluating the set up of your existing meeting room, you can determine whether you need a hardware, software-only solution – or a combination of both.


  1. Who is the end-user?

Clearly, the company’s employees are the ones using these spaces. But it may not only be just them. It is necessary to note if your company works with stakeholders such as partners and customers who visit your offices to share content or carryout presentations. When it comes to wireless presentation, guest access is important and is often overlooked during the planning stages. Most guests require IT permission to install applications and are unable to participate thoroughly a meeting with it.

So, make sure the solution you choose offers easy ways for your guests can to connect and present wirelessly.


  1. Is the solution BYOD friendly?

Studies show that 32% of millennial employees use tablets and smartphones to collaborate at work. These devices are often incompatible with wired presentation systems. To accommodate the collaborative requirements of an organization, a full range of devices should be compatible with the wireless presentation system. Systems like Google Chromecast and Apple TV work only with corresponding devices/browsers, making interfacing challenging.  More flexible wireless systems like Zoapi easily allow presentation from a full range of devices on any platform. Up to 16 presenters can seamlessly collaborate using any kind of laptop, smart phone or tablet.


  1. Can more than one presenter be able to connect and present?

During presentations, each presenter has to exchange cables and switch seats with the previous presenter. This disturbs the flow of the meeting and also wastes time. With the right wireless presentation system in place, multiple users can easily take turns sharing content; it takes only a click to switch to the next presenter. Zoapi allows up to 16 presenters to screen share simultaneously, making the meetings smooth and more efficient than ever.


  1. Does the wireless solution require complex installations and IT permissions?

The greatest challenge IT admins face when a new technology is introduced is not the installation, but getting the users and employees to use it. This usually involves rigorous training for employees who are concerned about appearing competent using devices in front of colleagues and clients.

App-less wireless screen sharing is a great option to look for in meeting room solutions to ensure zero learning curve for the users.


  1. Is the solution Cost-Effective?

A cost-effective solution allows for more meeting rooms – This is the reason that your organization needs a wireless presentation system.  It is important to make a note of the total cost of ownership (TCO) in the long term so, make sure that the wireless device is cost-effective, and flexible. It should integrate into the full-scale audio-visual systems in your meeting rooms, executive boardrooms, conference rooms and training rooms with ease. Like with Zoapi, you can turn any small room into an effective meeting room with just a flat-screen TV. This opens up a window of possibilities and allows you to set up smaller meeting rooms with the same cutting-edge and easy to use system for those ad-hoc meetings, saving the larger meeting/conference rooms for your bigger teams.


  1. Does the solution have remote device management?

For an IT admin, the device management must be as easy as possible. In order to deliver a great experience to the users, the admin must have full visibility and control of the tools in the meeting rooms. Visiting different meeting room every time to manage the solution is not a good use of your time.

Zoapi gives you full control of the meeting room with admin dashboard and remote device management. With the Zoapi dashboard you can manage your meeting rooms, get monthly or weekly usage reports and access the online dashboard from any device.


  1. How is the quality of support from solution provider?

Qulaity of support is one of the most important factor which can be easily over looked while making the decision only to regret post purchases while installation and usage. Make sure the team is accessible easily and response is fast and useful. Also figure out how flexible the team is for taking customization requests as it is an enterprise solution and you may have specific requirements for your use case.


  1. What other benefits does the solution offer?

Different meeting rooms are designated to be used for different purposes. Or, the same meeting room can be used for multiple purposes. Deploy a wireless presentation system that fits every scenario you might face. With Zoapi  connected to your meeting room projector/TV, you can seamlessly host video conferences using Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, WebEx or any application of your choice. Also, users view meeting room calendar and book meetings on the go. Zoapi leaves no room for unproductivity with it’s features like Annotation & Whiteboarding & multiple application support.



Knowing the challenges that users face will enable you to select the right solution for your meeting rooms.

We believe that effective meetings need effectively integrated meeting technology.

Among the wireless presentation systems available on the market today, Zoapi stands out above the rest. Thanks to its unique set of features. Zoapi supports any operating system, from Windows, OSX to Android, iOS. It also works perfectly with the hardware that’s already in your meeting rooms. No matter what type of devices your guests and employees are using, Zoapi will allow them to freely present and express their ideas and viewpoints.

As chance would have it, we offer a free 15 day trial. Click here for more info



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