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Zoapi and Newline to deliver highly interactive meeting room experience

Original press release posted on PRWeb dated 17 May 2020, Bangalore

Zoapi is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Newline interactive to deliver highly interactive meeting room experiences.

Zoapi has been architected to give the users a pleasurable and yet un-daunting experience in sharing screens, switching presenters and single-touch initiation of video conferencing calls. Zoapi is envisioned as a complete meeting room solution for meeting rooms across industries. Not just for IT or Financial professionals but also for professionals from manufacturing, academia and co-working spaces. Zoapi is the only solution that’s available as a SaaS based downloadable product in the category of wireless screen sharing. All other competing solutions rely on their proprietary hardware to deliver performance, Zoapi is completely downloadable software. For customers convenience Zoapi is also available in pre-installed form on variety of mini-PC brands like Intel NUC etc..

Newline is the leading provider of multi-touch interactive displays. With it’s focus on building interactive displays designed specifically for meeting room and classroom collaboration, Newline is emerging as a global martket leader in the interactive flat panel segment. Newline provides separate solutions for corporates and education spaces, highly customized for individual verticals. With technologies like optical bonding and accessories such as powerful OPS, document camera etc, Newline is a perfect fit for every need.

According to Zoapi Innovation, “Zoapi is a universal screen sharing product combining online calendars and video conferencing apps. At Zoapi we conducted extensive tests in challenging work scenarios to assess the hardware stability and its impact on user experience. Our customers are premium enterprise corporations hence we needed to be extremely careful about the hardware partner we choose. Newline has emerged as the world’s undisputed leader in interactive large format displays. By teaming up with Newline, Zoapi can now deliver single touch initiation of Video calls from large interactive touch displays without even having to bring in the laptops.”

Now both Zoapi lite and premium plans can be installed across award-winning Newline interactive RS Series, IP Series, I Series, X-series and VN Series panels.. These bundles will be available through all authorized Newline partners, including distributors, resellers, and system integrators.You can find out more details about the products and how to purchase online.

According to Karthik Narayanan General Manager Newline Interactive India, “The Newline and Zoapi partnership is a powerful combination. This verticalized solution engineering allows us to offer multiple wireless screen sharing, video conferencing and room scheduler app choices to our customers. Newline’s superior whiteboarding, powerful custom OPS and latest touch display technologies like optical bonding are completely exploited by Zoapi’s responsive user experience design specially crafted for such large format touch panels”

When the IT team of a major mobile marketing and advertising platform provider was looking for a meeting room solution for its offices in Bengaluru, Zoapi emerged as the ideal choice with its combination of wireless screen sharing, support for all popular video conferencing applications and room scheduler app integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook Exchange, Office365 and Nexudus. ZOAPI screen sharing is supported on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, Android, iPhone & iPad. Users from all networks can share their screens without changing networks or exchanging dongles. When these features are combined with the capabilities of Newline’s interactive touch panels exclusively built for enterprise meeting rooms and smart classrooms, you experience the absolute power of interactive collaboration with no additional hardware for room AV system. The complete collaboration experience with Zoapi software running on Newline interractive displays was showcased In Intel Business Comes Alive 2019 event in Banglaore, India. It can also be noted that both Zoapi Innovations and Newline are Intel IOT Alliance partners.


About Zoapi

Zoapi Innovations offers enterprise grade Wireless presentation and smart meeting room solution. Based out of Bengaluru India, Zoapi Innovations has marketing and sales presence in India, Middle East and United states of America. Zoapi has been designed to give seamless experience to meeting room users. It supports users from various networks and on truly enables BYOD. Zoapi is a unique smart meeting room product which has been designed for interactive meeting rooms and coworking spaces. For more information:


About Newline Interactive

Founded in 2012, Newline Interactive provides exceptional experiences to corporations, universities, government agencies, healthcare and schools with their multi-touch interactive panels, accessories and software. The continual innovation and product development Newline practices results in the company’s reputation as a world-class organization without exception. In India, Newline is present in 5 major cities viz. Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemdabad and Kolkata with state of the art experience centers. For more information:


Contact us at or +91-98445550268 for more details.

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