Hosted Exchange Calendar Integration with Zoapi using EWS


When an Exchange Calendar is integrated with Zoapi Hub, the room’s display shows the upcoming meeting scheduled, you can view room calendar and get reminders for scheduled meetings. You can also configure your Room Scheduler tablet for the room. This would require IT admin to provide valid authorization for Zoapi to access room calendars. This document explains the detailed procedure to integrate your Exchange calendar with Zoapi Hub and Room scheduler app.

Before you can add a calendar service, an Exchange administrator must do the following:

  • Have a user account with enough privileges to manage Exchange calendars. You can optionally create a dedicated user account for this purpose with full privileges.
  • Create or locate a calendar resource to be used by the Zoapi Hub/Zoapi Room Scheduler
  • Enable the assigned user account to have full delegate access to each calendar resource
  • Enable the assigned user account to edit each calendar resource

After the Exchange administrator completes these steps, you use the credentials of the assigned user to provide authorization to the Zoapi Hub in your Zoapi dashboard account to use the calendar service.


  • An admin account on Exchange
  • The ability to create and manage calendars for rooms
  • The ability to create a new Exchange user

Note: Your network, including firewalls and proxies, must allow traffic to 


Create a Service account (Optional – If you decide to use a dedicated account)

  • Login to ECP.
  • Go to “mailboxes” under “recipients” Click “+”
  • Select “User mailbox”
  • Create an email address, for example,
  • This same user email will be used by all of your Zoapi hub
  • Make a note of the “User login name” and “password”

Create or Obtain the Room and Room Email 

  • Log into your local ECP as an admin
  • Go to “Resources” > “Recipients”
  • Click on the plus (+) sign if you need to add a room
  • Make a note of the display names of your rooms and email addresses

Exchange Calendar resources

Delegate Rooms to the created Service Account   

  • Log into ECPas an admin
  • Go to “Resources” > “Recipients”
  • Double click the first room
  • Click the “mailbox delegation”

Exchange calendar delegation

  • Scroll down to “Full Access” and click on the plus “(+)” sign
  • Select the assigned email and click “add->”

Exchange add calendar

Share the resource with the created Service Account 


  • Login with assigned user email (i.e.
  • Open the user’s “Calendar” and from the top navigation go to the user’s dropdown menu and click on “Open another mailbox…”

Open Exchange mail box

  • This will open a Microsoft pop-up dialog window. Input the resource you would like to share

Exchange open mail box

  • This will open the resource mailbox. Click on the calendar in the bottom left-hand corner of your navigation.
  • Right-click under “Your Calendars” and click on “Share calendar”

Exchange change calendar permission

  • This will open Microsoft’s Share calendar dialog window. Enter the assigned users Email, and share “Delegate” access. Click “Send” in the top left corner of this dialog window.

Exchange share calendar

Exchange calendar delegate

  • Log into the assigned user’s Email and check your inbox. Click on the invitation from the resource and “Accept” the invitation.

Exchange Calendar accept and view

  • Accepting the invite will open the calendar tab. You should see the resource calendar listed on the left side of the page under Other Calendars. Ensure this calendar is accounted for.

Exchange calendar


If the room is not displayed under “Other Calendar” section

  • Click on the “+” icon present next to “other calendar”
  • Enter the room mailbox
  • And click on open


Exchange other calendar


Enabling Basic Authentication


Zoapi Hub supports Basic authentication for on-premise solutions such as Exchange server. Please select Basic authentication option and save

  • In EWS click on “Authentication”
  • Check the basic authentication check box and click “Save”

Hosted exchange calendar


  1. Go to Exchange Control Panel> “servers”
  2. Switch to“Virtual Directories” double click “EWS” > “General”


EWS virtual directories



  1. Locate the EWS URL


Integrating Calendar with Zoapi Hub

  • You can integrate your Zoapi Hubs to your room calendar. With this, you can view all the meetings booked in the room, view meeting description, launch meeting invite links with ‘Single Click Join’. Zoapi also provides onDisplay reminders to remind you about the meeting timings.
  • Login to your Zoapi Dashboard account at
  • Use the ‘Integration tab’ to integrate meeting room to your preferred calendars. Here you can integrate your Nexudus/Google/Office365 or Exchange account with zoapi by providing right permission. You can see the individual instruction by clicking the add button.
  • Once you have the integration, go to ‘Calendar tab’ and select ‘Integrate calendar with Zoapi Device’. Click on ‘Calendar service’ and Map Zoapi Device to your meeting room and save. Now your Zoapi device will display meeting scheduled in the corresponding room.


Integrating Calendar with Zoapi Room Scheduler App

  • To use the Room Scheduler App, first you need to integrate your calendar account with Zoapi. You can login to your dashboard account and follow the steps explained in previous section.

Once you have the integration, go to ‘Calendar tab’ and select ‘Integrate calendar with Tablet’. Click on ‘Add Table Integration’ button and select ‘Tablet Display’ and choose your integration and meeting room. This will generate tablet integration app key entry. Copy the unique ‘App Key’ and enter it in the Zoapi Room Scheduler application. You can also disable an integrated tablet application using Activate/Deactivate button.