OSX Catalina – Zoapi client application setup

Catalina is the latest MAC OSX release from Apple with version number v10.15. With the OSX Catalina support, Apple has introduced new security features which affect the functioning of the Zoapi application. While we are working on providing seamless solutions to issues that might crop up because of the Catalina upgrade, users can work around these by following these steps:


During installation, Catalina will complain about not being able to open the application:

osx permission

To resolve this, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy. You should see the message:

“ZoapiClient_osx.pkg” was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer

Click on “Open Anyway”

Catalina settings


Zoapi installation should start:

OSX Zoapi installation

Why does this occur?

With the OSX Catalina update, all new applications require notarization from Apple. We are working on adding this notarization to the Zoapi client, and this issue should go away in the next few days.

Screen Sharing

OSX Catalina requires that applications request explicit permissions before they can record screen content.

While trying to share your screen, you might see this message:

Catalina computer screen recording

Click on the Open System Preferences button.

Zoapi Catalina privacy

Select ZoapiClient to give it permissions to record screen. You will now need to leave the meeting and connect again.

Now you can start your Zoapi client as usual and screen sharing should work as usual. Please note these steps are needed only if you have updated your Mac book to v10.15 Catalina.