Zoom on Zoapi Hub – Control your meeting room AV system from your laptop


Easily join meetings and manage them quickly with the integration of Zoapi with Zoom. This brand new feature brings you the full power of Zoapi with wireless presentation and video conferencing.

Not just that, you can quickly transition to a Zoom call/meeting from your laptop!

The Zoapi Hub integration with Zoom tackles the 3 biggest pain points of meeting rooms:  Joining, controlling a meeting, and sharing content.

This new feature also:

  • enables quick adoption and control of video conferencing capabilities that make it easy to join, and collaborate on your laptop.
  • delivers streamlined enterprise-grade Zoom video conferencing on your Zoapi Hub.
  • Enables both external and internal communications and meetings through one communications platform.
  • Allows you to focus more on your meetings rather than worrying about the setup tasks.

Join Zoom session on Zoapi Hub from client laptop:

Step 1: Select the ‘VC’ button on your Zoapi Hub

Step 2: Enter the Meeting Link or the Zoom meeting ID that you have been provided within the field and click ‘Connect’

Zoom Meeting Controls from client laptop

All necessary controls for the Zoom session running on Zoapi Hub is provided in the Zoapi app running on your laptop.


Share your meeting room display connected to Zoapi Hub to remote parties over Zoom by using Share Screen button on the Zoapi app. Now anyone can wirelessly present to the Zoapi Hub and all remote participants will be seeing your meeting room display instead of your laptop. This avoids the hassle of multiple users connecting to the Zoom call from the same room.

You can enable or disable video by toggling the Camera button on the Zoapi app.

You can also mute/unmute audio using the audio button.

Any other user can connect to Zoapi Hub while a live Zoom session is ON and control the Zoom session without disconnecting the call. This is of great benefit as the person who initiated the call can leave the meeting without disturbing it

Check this video to understand how to join and control Zoom calls on Zoapi Hub from your client laptop :


This out-of-the-box integration improves employee productivity, significantly reduces the time required to start a meeting or conference call and lets the participants control Zoom meetings (screen sharing, Microphone, camera) on the Zoapi Hub from their laptop.

Anyone who joins Zoapi Meeting can control Zoom meeting on Zoapi Hub.