Frequently Asked Questions


What is Zoapi ?

Zoapi is an Enterprise meeting room solution. Zoapi is designed to provide one solution for all your meeting room problems. With Zoapi, you spend your time in meetings instead of setting it up. Once your meeting room is powerd by Zoapi, you can wirelessly share your screen from any platform, connect to remote clients through video conferencing application of your choice, Integrate your room calendar to your Zoapi Hub for planning and tracking your meetings.

Is Zoapi a software or a hardware?

It’s both. We sell both Hub software (Proware) and preinstalled hardware (Pro and Basic). You can install Zoapi Hub software on any Windows 10 miniPC/PC or opt for one of our plug and play hardware

What is the warranty on a Zoapi device ?

Zoapi Hub comes with 3 years warranty

How to set up Zoapi ?

Setting up Zoapi is very simple. Connect Zoapi Hub to your display using a HDMI cable or Mini-DisplayPort cable and connect the power cable. Power on the Zoapi Hub and you are ready to go. You can also connect Zoapi Hub to your network over Ethernet or wifi.

Can I peel potatoes with Zoapi Hub ?

We are always open to suggestions and feature requests. Our engineering teams prioritize new features based on customer demand. So, if there is sufficient demand, yes, one day Zoapi hub might be able to peel potatoes.

Which variant of Zoapi Hub should I buy – Basic or Pro ?

Depends on your use case. Basic is primarily targeted towards customers looking for a low cost screen sharing solution with some video conferencing capabilities. If VC is a large part of your requirement – then we would recommend getting the Pro unit.

Can I install Zoapi Hub software on my laptop?

Yes you can. Zoapi Hub is supposed to be the dedicated device in your meeting room/classroom. You can install it on your laptop to explore the features.

Can I use Zoapi Hub for digital signage

Yes you can use Zoapi Hub as a exlcusive digital signage device for displaying dynamic content

Where can I buy Zoapi ?

Go to and fill in the details. Our sales team will get in touch with you very soon.

What is included in the Zoapi Box ?

Zoapi product comes with one Zoapi Hub, Power cable, Remote and Vesa mount.

I have some questions regarding Zoapi. Whom should I contact ?

You can write to us here : or drop us a mail at or

Can I install my own applications on the Zoapi device

You will be able to select the applications you want to add to your Zoapi Hub in our appstore. However the apps can only be installed through our appstore. This is done to ensure quality, consistency and security of the whole device. In case you need an app that’s not available on the Hub or the store, reach out to us and we will try to integrate it.

What is the minimum hardware configuration needed to install Zoapi Hub software?

It depends on what you want to use Zoapi Hub for. If you need it only for wireless presentation then Intel Pentium or Celeron quad core processor with 4GB RAM will be good enough. If you wish to use Zoapi for Video conferencing then we suggest using at least 6th gen or above I3 or preferably an I5 processor with minimum 4GB RAM

How can I try Zoapi Hub before buying?

We provide 15 days trial license. You can install the Zoapi Hub software on any Windows 10 device and explore all the features. Contact us now for your free license

Can I install Zoapi Hub software on Mac or Linux?

No Zoapi Hub software is supported only on the windows10 platform. But you can present from your laptops running Windows7, 8, 10, Mac or Linux.

Can I install Zoapi Hub software on Mac or Linux?

No Zoapi Hub software is supported only on the windows10 platform. But you can present from your laptops running Windows7, 8, 10, Mac or Linux.

Zoapi Hub

Do I need to connect Zoapi Hub to internet ?

Depends on your use case. Wireless screen sharing works without internet. Hub needs internet for supporting features such as Video conferencing, calendar and online dashboard.

When does the PIN on the Zoapi Hub screen change ?

Secure PIN will change after every meeting. Users need to know this PIN for sharing their screen.

What is the access code requested by settings on Zoapi Hub ?

Settings on the Zoapi Hub is protected using a secure access code so that users do not change any settings without suprevision from IT admins. You can disable this feature.

How can I connect Zoapi hub to a wifi network ?

Press Apps(F2 on keyboard) button on the remote and go to settings. Go to Wifi Network tab and select the network you wish to connect to and provide the password. Use the connect button to check the status of the connection.

What is the advantage of using dual display with Zoapi Hub ?

With dual display you can view two user screens side by side. Dual display is also very useful while using video conferencing along with screen sharing so that you can view shared screen on one display and video conferencing on the other.

How secure is Zoapi Hub ?

Zoapi has been designed for Enterprises with security as one of the important design requirement. All communication between client device and Zoapi HUB and between Zoapi HUB and Cloud are encrypted with industry standard encryption technology.

Zoapi Hub is displaying an IP address, right below the PIN. What does that mean ?

Zoapi Hub is not able to reach internet. You can still share your screen by entering the IP address shown when prompted in the Zoapi client application.

Is the remote control mandatory to operate Zoapi Hub ?

Wireless screen sharing does not require a remote control. The remote is needed for video conferencing, changing Hub settings etc.

What is local accesscode ?

Zoapi supports two access codes for IT teams to manage their Hub devices. The IT admin can have a single master access code and individual local access code.

How to upgrade the firmware on Zoapi Hub ?

Zoapi is a low maintenance device. Zoapi firmware upgrades itself automatically with all the latest and important updates. You can also use the ‘Manual Upgrade’ button in the Apps->Settings->Upgrades tab to force an immediate update.

I am using dual displays. how can I switch my primary and secondary display ?

Go to Apps->Settings->General and enable or display ‘Switch Display’ option.

I have fixed Zoapi in a hard to reach location. Is there an easier way to power it on ?

The Zoapi device automatically powers on when power is plugged in. If you shut it down from the menu, you can power it back on by just toggling the power source.


Can I connect Zoapi device over wifi ?

Yes. Go to Apps->Settings->Wifi Network. Choose the wifi network you wish to connect from the dropdown and provide the password. Use ‘Connect’ button to check the connection status.

How many different network configurations are supported by Zoapi Hub ?

Zoapi supports upto 4 different isolated networks: 1. Ethernet 2. Wifi 3. Secondary ethernet over USB 4. Wifi Access Point.

How to find the Mac address of the Zoapi Hub ?

Go to Apps->Settings->About. You will find all the network related details there.

What is Zoapi Access point ?

Zoapi provides its own Wifi Access point. This can be used to connect to Zoapi Hub when Hub is not connected to any network. This is also useful for a guest to connect to Zoapi device.

Can I disable the access point ?

Yes you can disable the access point from Apps->Settings->Access Point.

Can I disable internet over wifi access point ?

Yes. Choose ‘Disabled’ in Apps->Settings->Access Point->Share Net From.

My Windows laptop is requesting a PIN for the Access point and I am not able to connect. How can I connect ?

When prompted for the PIN, choose the option ‘Use key instead’ shown right below the PIN text field.

I see an IP address below the access point details. What does it mean ?

This means internet is not shared over Access point. Either Zoapi Hub does not have internet or Access Point is not configured to provide internet.

I have a proxy. I want my video conferencing applications to work, but don’t want Zoapi to use the internet.

Use Enable Proxy under Apps->Settings->Security to toggle proxy settings.

Can I connect both Ethernet and wifi at the same time?

Yes you can

What is the preferred networking configuration for Zoapi ?

It is preferred to connect Zoapi over ethernet which provides high bandwidth for seamless screen sharing and video conferencing when compared with wifi. Along with Ethernet, you can also connect the Zoapi device to your Guest wifi so that a guest can use Zoapi Hub without switching to the Access Point.

How to find the IP address of the Zoapi Hub ?

Go to Apps->Settings->About. You will find all the network related details there.

What is static and dynamic password for the access point ?

Access point on the Zoapi Hub can be configured to have a static password which never changes. Alternatively you can choose to use the dynamic password where password changes along with the meeting PIN. With dynamic password, users needs to be present in the meeting room to connect to the Zoapi Access Point.

What is “Share net from”/”WAN” in the access point setting ?

Zoapi Access Point provides internet to connected users through one of its connected network (WAN). If you wish to isolate users connecting to Access Point from your corporate network to which the Zoapi device is connected, you can use this settings. You can also chose ‘Disabled’ to avoid sharing internet over Access Point. Users will still be able to share their screen but will not be getting internet.

Can I configure the access point to work in 2.4GHz ?

Yes. Select Apps->Settings->Access Point->Force 2.4GHz.

I am not able to connect to Access point on windows. What could be the problem ?

Some Windows fails detect change in wifi password and tries to connect using old password. Go to your Windows wifi network settings and delete the corresponding wifi profile from ‘Manage Known networks’.

My office network has proxies. Will Zoapi work ?

Zoapi has support for proxies. It is also possible to disable proxy and make the device off-internet.

Screen Sharing

How to share my screen using Zoapi ?

For the first time, download install ZoapiClient for your platform from Once installed, open the ZoapiClient application and enter the 4 digit PIN shown on the display.

Do I need to be on the same network as Zoapi Hub for screen sharing ?

Zoapi Hub should be reachable from the client device. As long as you are able to ping to Zoapi Hub from your laptop, you can share your screen.

How do I upgrade the Zoapi Client on my laptop ?

You do not need to upgrade the ZoapiClient once installed. ZoapiClient works with all versions of Zoapi Hub.

What is the functionality of ‘Pause’ button ?

Use the ‘Pause’ button to freeze the screen sharing so that you can quickly use your laptop for some quick work without disturbing what is being projected.

How many users can share their screen simultaneously ?

4 users in Zoapi Hub Basic and 16 users in Zoapi Hub Pro.

Can I share my screen over the internet ?

No. You need to be able to reach Zoapi Hub through your local network. With Zoapi, your screen data never leaves your local network.

How secure is Zoapi screen sharing ?

Zoapi Screen sharing is totally secure. Zoapi uses industry standard encryption technology for screen sharing between client laptop and Zoapi Hub.

How can guests share their screen if they are not connected to my network ?

Guests can share in one of the two ways. 1. If you have a dedicated guest wifi network, you can connect Zoapi to this wifi network. Your guests will be able to connect to Zoapi through the guest network 2. They can connect to the wifi access point provided by Zoapi Hub.

Does screen sharing requires internet ?

No. Screen sharing can work without internet

Zoapi Client on the laptop is asking me to enter an IP address. But I do not see an IP address on the Hub ?

Probably your laptop can not reach the Zoapi Hub. Connect to right network or connect to Zoapi Access Point and try again.

How to share audio from laptop to Zoapi Hub while screen sharing ?

Use the ‘Share Audio’ button on the Zoapi App on your laptop. You can use ‘Stop Audio’ button if you prefer to play the audio locally on the laptop.

What is the difference between ‘stop’ and ‘leave’ button ?

‘Stop’ is used to stop screen sharing. You are still connected to Zoapi Hub and are a part of the meeting. You can change presenters, Launch Video conferencing apps and share your screen again. ‘Leave’ is used for leaving the meeting.

How to change the presenters when multiple users are sharing their screens ?

You can change the presenters using one of the two ways. 1. Using the ‘Presenters’ button on the Zoapi App on your laptop 2. Using ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ arrow keys on the Zoapi remote.

How many different network configuration does Zoapi support ?

Upto 4. Ethernet, Wifi, Secondary ethernet over USB and Wifi Access Point.

How wireless screen sharing is different from content sharing in video conferencing ?

Wireless screen sharing uses the local network. Local LAN provides very high bandwidth compared to internet and experience will be similar to connecting cables, where as content sharing over internet uses very low Frame per second. Also wireless screen sharing does not send your sensitive data over to internet and hence is a lot more secure. However if your wifi bandwidth is poor, wifi will automatically adapt to give you the best possible experience.

My virus scanner does not allow Zoapi to run.

Zoapi Client is signed using Microsoft’s authenticode code signing certificate and we test and verify that it works with almost all the major anti-viruses before every update. If you are still getting any issues, you can try by adding Zoapi application as an exception in your anti-virus settings. Most of the complaints that we currently receive are with AVG and Avast. In case you face problems with a different anti virus – do let us know.

Video Conference

What are the video conferencing applications supported by Zoapi ?

Zoapi supports all major video conferencing application such as Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Goto meeting, BlueJeans, RealPresence, Facebook WorkPlace, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout etc.

What are the advanatages of using Zoapi for video conferencing instead of laptop ?

There are many advantages of using VC on the Zoapi Hub instead of your laptop. Among them: 1. You can use common camera and audio system so that the entire room is a part of the call 2. You can share your meeting room screen instead of your laptop screen 3. Anybody can share their laptop screen locally to Zoapi Hub and the remote party will see your meeting room display. This way multiple users need not connect to the VC call from the same room for sharing their screen 4. You can use the VC application without bringing your laptop to the meeting room.

I have a video conferencing link to join a meeting. How can I join this meeting using the Zoapi Hub ?

Connect to Zoapi Hub on your laptop using Zoapi Client with a secure PIN. In the more context menu choose ‘Launch Weblink’ and copy the VC link in the input dialog.

How can I use dual display for video conferencing ?

You can use remote/mouse to move your VC application windows to view on respective display. Dual display helps in simultaneous viewing of video and screen sharing.

Can I walk into a room and use Zoapi for video conferencing without my laptop ?

Yes. If you login to your respective VC account or join a meeting using the meeting ID.

Are the video conferencing applications on Zoapi free ?

Zoapi Hub does not come with subscriptions for video conferencing applications. Users are free to use the app of their choice with their subscriptions. Most of the applications provides Join as a guest feature using the meeting link which can be used on Zoapi Hub for hosted meetings. If you need to host a meeting then you can use your video conferencing account. Alternatively, organizations can have dedicated logins for every meeting room.

How can I start a video conferencing application on Zoapi Hub ?

You can start a video conferencing application in one of the three ways 1. Using the remote, go to Apps and choose the VC app of your choice 2. You can invoke the VC invite link from Zoapi calendar application 3. You can launch the VC app by sending the invite link from your laptop to Zoapi Hub.

How do I share my laptop screen with remote party when using Zoapi Hub for video conferencing ?

Use Zoapi Hub to make a VC call, and share Zoapi Hub’s screen over the VC call. You can then share your laptop’s screen to Zoapi Hub using the ZoapiClient on your laptop.

I am using a video conferencing application which is not supported by Zoapi Hub. Can this be supported ?

Please send a query to our support team with details. Our technical team can evaluate the possibility.

I minimized the video conferencing window and can not see it now. How do I bring it back ?

Use the Zoapi Task bar (Auto hidden bar on the left side of screen) to show and hide all open windows.

How to connect a camera and audio system to Zoapi hub

You can connect your AV devices to Zoapi over USB, Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack.


How to integrate my Zoapi Hub with a room calendar service ?

Go to and login. You can integrate your calendar account with Zoapi in ‘Integration’ Tab. Once an account is integrated, you can map your Zoapi Devices to Meeting room resources in ‘Calendar Services’ tab.

How do I check if my Zoapi Hub is integrated with any calendar services?

Go to the calendar app in your Zoapi Hub. If a calendar service integrated with your hub, you will see the list of meetings scheduled in the room. Else it will show a message asking you to integrate.

I can see meetings but don’t see their descriptions on the Zoapi Hub ?

You can enable/disable meeting descriptions in Apps->Settings->Security->Enable meeting description.

I have a scheduled meeting in my calendar. But I do not see this meeting on Zoapi Hub ?

Check the following 1. Is your Zoapi Hub integrated with your meeting room service 2. Have you selected the right room/resource while booking your meeting.

Can I book the meeting room from Zoapi Hub ?

No. Zoapi Hub just displays the meeting scheduled information.

What calendar services are supported by Zoapi ?

Zoapi currently support Google, Office365 and Nexudus calendar services. There are many more calendar services in the pipeline.

What is the advantage of integrating my Zoapi Hub with a room calendar ?

There are multiple advantages of integrating your Meeting room calendar with the Zoapi Hub: 1. You can view all the meetings booked in that room on any given date 2. Zoapi will highlight the next meeting booked 3. Zoapi will display meeting reminder notifications to let you know when it’s time to leave 4. You can directly open video conferencing links for scheduled meetings.

How to start video conferencing from the links in calendar description ?

You can click on the video conferencing link from the calendar description either from the calendar app or from the pop-up information display while hovering over next meeting details.

What kind of meeting reminders does the Zoapi Hub show ?

Zoapi Hubs smart meeting room reminders will remind you of the time left in your current meeting periodically so that you can plan your meetings on the go and stick to scheduled timings.

Online Dashboard

Do I need to create an account to use Zoapi online Dashboard?

Zoapi dashboard is for managing Zoapi Hub devices by IT admins. A normal user of the meeting room need not create a dashboard account.

Can I use Zoapi Hub without using the Zoapi online Dashboard ?

Yes. Zoapi device can be used without the dashboard. But you need the dashboard account to use many feature offered by Zoapi such as calendar integration, stats and analytics, centralized management etc.

How can I use Zoapi Hub as a digital signage space ?

Add images you want to display to your dashboard drive. Once you have all your images in the drive, go to ‘Manage Devices’ tab and configure the ‘Screen Savers’ in the device settings.

How can I disable email alerts and notifications ?

Go to ‘Profile settings’ in your dashboard account and select ‘Email Subscription’. Here you can configure your email settings.

I do not see details of the my meetings in the analytics. How do I fix this ?

Meeting analytics are captured only when the device is connected to internet and able to reach the Zoapi cloud server. Please make sure your Zoapi Hub is connected to internet and try again.

Where can I find the licence key needed for adding Zoapi Hub to dashboard account ?

Go to Apps->Settings->General or Apps->About in your Zoapi Hub to find the licence key.

I am not getting the verification email for creating an account in Zoapi Dashboard ?

Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see an email in your inbox. You can retry after sometimes if you are unable to receive the mail.

What are the advantages of adding my Zoapi Hub devices to my dashboard account ?

You can manage all your Zoapi devices from anywhere using the dashboard. With dashboard, you can view the current status of the Zoapi device, change its settings, configure your Zoapi Hub as a digital signage space, integrate your Zoapi Hub with a calendar service, view stats and analytics to evaluate meeting room efficiency and much more.

Can I add more than one image as screen saver ?

Yes. You can add multiple images and configure their duration and order.

What are the charges for using online dashboard ?

Basic version of the online dashboard comes for free with your Zoapi device. There is an annual maintainance charge for advanced features. You can visit or mail to for more details.

I have added my Zoapi Hub to my dashboard account. Can I add the same Zoapi Hub to another dashboard account ?

No. You can add your device only once.

While adding Zoapi Hub to dashboard account, I keep getting “Invalid licence key” error.

Please check if you are using the right licence key. Also make sure that no one else from your team is already using the same licence key.

Tablet Application

What is Zoapi Tablet application ?

Its an android application for Tablets mounted outside every meeting room. Once integraed with your meeting room calendar, it will display the current meeting room status, all upcoming meeting for the day, a calendar application to display meeting room availability across the dates, option to mark the room occupancy and option to book ad-hoc meetings on go without any hassle.

What is the advantages of Zoapi Tablet application ?

With Zoapi Tablet application you can 1. View current status of the meeting room 2. Check all meetings scheduled in the meeting room 3. Mark the room as occupied when you are using the meeting room 4. Book adhoc meetings while wallking into the meeting room so that all meetings are tracked.

Can I map one room to multiple tablets ?

Yes you can.

What calendar services are supported by Zoapi tablet application ?

Zoapi Room Scheduler app currently supports Google, Office365 and Nexudus calendar services. There are many more calendar services in the pipeline.

What is the difference between ‘Booked’ and ‘Occupied’ ?

‘Booked’ means there is a meeting scheduled in this meeting room. ‘Occupied’ means users are actually using the meeting room and have explicitly marked the room as occupied.

How to map my meeting room calendar in Zoapi tablet application ?

Go to dashboard account and integrate your Meeting room calendar service in ‘Integration’ Tab. Once your account is integrated, go to Calendar service->Tablet integration and generate an app key and map it to a room/resource. In the Zoapi app on you tablet, enter the generated appkey. Thats it!

Do I need to buy a licence for the tablet application separately ?

Every Zoap Hub comes with corresponding app key for the tablet. If you wish to use tablet application for meeting room without Zoapi Hub, you will have to buy them separately.

Can I book meeting rooms from my Zoapi tablet application ?

Yes. You can book adhoc meetings for the current time. You can also book meetings for a later date.

How to mark the meeting room as Occupied ?

Use the toggle button on the top right corner of Zoapi tablet application to mark the room as occupied.

Do I need to free the room if I mark it as ‘Occupied’ ?

No. Zoapi app will free the meeting after the scheduled time.

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