Awesome Wireless Presentations.

Awesome Wireless Presentations.

  • Easy and Fast Sharing
    Sharing your screen with Zoapi is fast, simple and reliable: After-all, our biggest competition is a cable.
  • High Quality Sharing
    Screen sharing is different from Video. Zoapi is smart it automatically adapts to the kind of content you are sharing – ensuring quality remains as high as possible.
  • Optimal Bandwidth
    Zoapi smartly adapts to the changing bandwidth of your network and stays responsive.
  • Collaborative Sharing
    Allow upto 16 users to connect and share immediately. Switch between them almost instantaneously. Nobody needs to leave their seats.

Simple and Easy Video Conferencing

Zoapi hub supports most popular video conferencing clients. 

Plug in a camera into Zoapi and turn it into a high- performance video conferencing terminal. Allow your entire team to join in and collaborate at once.

Simple and Easy Video Conferencing

Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration

Zoapi integrates with popular calendar clients: see the status of your meetings on the display, block the room and get reminded when your meetings are to get over. 

Zoapi also integrates with co-working space management tools like Nexudus. 


Command & Control.

An easy dashboard that allows IT to deploy, control and maintain all the hubs in your deployment from one place. Activate and track all your devices from anywhere.

Command & Control.

And a lot more...

Wifi Access Point.

High performance built in wireless access Point 

Dual Display.

Supports a HDMI and Display Port output.


Connect bluetooth speakers and devices.

Dynamic Screensaver

Show images and videos in the backdrop when Zoapi is idle.

Multiple Networks

Connect to Ethernet, Wifi and Ethernet over USB at the same time. Each network remains isolated

Lightweight Clients 

Does not require admin rights or firewall permissions 

Annotation & Whiteboard

Write on the Hub display using the Hub remote 


Built using industry standard encryption technologies 


Take notes and screenshots in the meeting 

Cloud Storage

Upto 10MB storage for backdrop images 

4K Output 

Supports upto 4K Displays 

Mobile Mirroring

Using 3rd Party Applications 


Broadcast messages into your meeting rooms. 

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