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1. How to integrate my Zoapi Hub with a room calendar service ? #

Go to and login. You can integrate your calendar account with Zoapi in ‘Integration’ Tab. Once an account is integrated, you can map your Zoapi Devices to Meeting room resources in ‘Calendar Services’ tab.

2. How do I check if my Zoapi Hub is integrated with any calendar services? #

Go to the calendar app in your Zoapi Hub. If a calendar service integrated with your hub, you will see the list of meetings scheduled in the room. Else it will show a message asking you to integrate.

3. I can see meetings but don’t see their descriptions on the Zoapi Hub ? #

You can enable/disable meeting descriptions in Apps->Settings->Security->Enable meeting description.

4. I have a scheduled meeting in my calendar. But I do not see this meeting on Zoapi Hub ? #

Check the following 1. Is your Zoapi Hub integrated with your meeting room service 2. Have you selected the right room/resource while booking your meeting.

5. Can I book the meeting room from Zoapi Hub ? #

No. Zoapi Hub just displays the meeting scheduled information.

6. What calendar services are supported by Zoapi ? #

Zoapi currently support Google, Office365 and Nexudus calendar services. There are many more calendar services in the pipeline.

7. What is the advantage of integrating my Zoapi Hub with a room calendar ? #

There are multiple advantages of integrating your Meeting room calendar with the Zoapi Hub: 1. You can view all the meetings booked in that room on any given date 2. Zoapi will highlight the next meeting booked 3. Zoapi will display meeting reminder notifications to let you know when it’s time to leave 4. You can directly open video conferencing links for scheduled meetings.

You can click on the video conferencing link from the calendar description either from the calendar app or from the pop-up information display while hovering over next meeting details.

9. What kind of meeting reminders does the Zoapi Hub show ? #

Zoapi Hubs smart meeting room reminders will remind you of the time left in your current meeting periodically so that you can plan your meetings on the go and stick to scheduled timings.

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