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Online Dashboard

1. Do I need to create an account to use Zoapi online Dashboard? #

Zoapi dashboard is for managing Zoapi Hub devices by IT admins. A normal user of the meeting room need not create a dashboard account.

2. Can I use Zoapi Hub without using the Zoapi online Dashboard ? #

Yes. Zoapi device can be used without the dashboard. But you need the dashboard account to use many feature offered by Zoapi such as calendar integration, stats and analytics, centralized management etc.

3. How can I use Zoapi Hub as a digital signage space ? #

Add images you want to display to your dashboard drive. Once you have all your images in the drive, go to ‘Manage Devices’ tab and configure the ‘Screen Savers’ in the device settings.

4. How can I disable email alerts and notifications ? #

Go to ‘Profile settings’ in your dashboard account and select ‘Email Subscription’. Here you can configure your email settings.

5. I do not see details of the my meetings in the analytics. How do I fix this ? #

Meeting analytics are captured only when the device is connected to internet and able to reach the Zoapi cloud server. Please make sure your Zoapi Hub is connected to internet and try again.

6. Where can I find the licence key needed for adding Zoapi Hub to dashboard account ? #

Go to Apps->Settings->General or Apps->About in your Zoapi Hub to find the licence key.

7. I am not getting the verification email for creating an account in Zoapi Dashboard ? #

Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see an email in your inbox. You can retry after sometimes if you are unable to receive the mail.

8. What are the advantages of adding my Zoapi Hub devices to my dashboard account ? #

You can manage all your Zoapi devices from anywhere using the dashboard. With dashboard, you can view the current status of the Zoapi device, change its settings, configure your Zoapi Hub as a digital signage space, integrate your Zoapi Hub with a calendar service, view stats and analytics to evaluate meeting room efficiency and much more.

9. Can I add more than one image as screen saver ? #

Yes. You can add multiple images and configure their duration and order.

10. What are the charges for using online dashboard ? #

Basic version of the online dashboard comes for free with your Zoapi device. There is an annual maintainance charge for advanced features. You can visit or mail to for more details.

11. I have added my Zoapi Hub to my dashboard account. Can I add the same Zoapi Hub to another dashboard account ? #

No. You can add your device only once.

12. While adding Zoapi Hub to dashboard account, I keep getting “Invalid licence key” error. #

Please check if you are using the right licence key. Also make sure that no one else from your team is already using the same licence key.

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