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2. Screen Sharing from Laptops – Apps

With Zoapi Hub, up to 16 users can wirelessly present and collaborate. You can install the Zoapi Client app on your Windows/Mac/Linux laptop and present by just entering the 4 digit pin. Zoapi supports both single-view and quad-view presentation modes for seamless collaboration. Zoapi wireless presentations work over your local network and no media content is sent to the cloud, making it secure for all types of meetings.

  1. First-time users can download and install the Zoapi Client from on your browser.

  1. Make sure you are on the same network as the Zoapi Hub or Zoapi Hub is reachable through the LAN. Also, make sure your laptop is not connected to any VPN. There is a 4-digit PIN shown on the bottom center of the Zoapi Hub display in your meeting room. Enter this pin in the Zoapi Client app.


  1. You can choose to share your screen as soon you join by selecting the highlighted checkbox. This setting will be saved for future use.

  1. Zoapi Hub tries to match your laptop’s resolution to the Hub display’s resolution so that the quality of the text remains sharp. You can choose not to change your laptop’s resolution by selecting the highlighted checkbox. This setting will be saved for future use.

  1. Click on Join to connect to the Zoapi hub. Once connected, you should see the Zoapi application bar shown below.
    You can share your screen by pressing the Share (MAC users will be prompted for screen and audio recording permissions on first use)
    Clicking on Share Audio will play your laptop’s audio on the Zoapi Hub.
    Note: Sharing audio might increase the video latency, as Zoapi will introduce some buffering to ensure the audio playout is smooth and glitch-free.

  1. If multiple presenters are sharing, you can switch between the presenters by using the Presenter You can also switch between single-view or quad-view modes. In single-view, the screen will show one presenter, and in quad-view, up to 4 can be viewed.


  1. You can pause your screen sharing using the Pause

  1. When you click on the Stop Share button, your screen sharing is stopped, however, you will remain connected to the hub.
    Clicking on Leave will disconnect you completely from the Hub.

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