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Tablet Application

1. What is Zoapi Tablet application ? #

Its an android application for Tablets mounted outside every meeting room. Once integraed with your meeting room calendar, it will display the current meeting room status, all upcoming meeting for the day, a calendar application to display meeting room availability across the dates, option to mark the room occupancy and option to book ad-hoc meetings on go without any hassle.

2. What is the advantages of Zoapi Tablet application ? #

With Zoapi Tablet application you can 1. View current status of the meeting room 2. Check all meetings scheduled in the meeting room 3. Mark the room as occupied when you are using the meeting room 4. Book adhoc meetings while wallking into the meeting room so that all meetings are tracked.

3. Can I map one room to multiple tablets ? #

Yes you can.

4. What calendar services are supported by Zoapi tablet application ? #

Zoapi Room Scheduler app currently supports Google, Office365 and Nexudus calendar services. There are many more calendar services in the pipeline.

5. What is the difference between ‘Booked’ and ‘Occupied’ ? #

‘Booked’ means there is a meeting scheduled in this meeting room. ‘Occupied’ means users are actually using the meeting room and have explicitly marked the room as occupied.

6. How to map my meeting room calendar in Zoapi tablet application ? #

Go to dashboard account and integrate your Meeting room calendar service in ‘Integration’ Tab. Once your account is integrated, go to Calendar service->Tablet integration and generate an app key and map it to a room/resource. In the Zoapi app on you tablet, enter the generated appkey. Thats it!

7. Do I need to buy a licence for the tablet application separately ? #

Every Zoap Hub comes with corresponding app key for the tablet. If you wish to use tablet application for meeting room without Zoapi Hub, you will have to buy them separately.

8. Can I book meeting rooms from my Zoapi tablet application ? #

Yes. You can book adhoc meetings for the current time. You can also book meetings for a later date.

9. How to mark the meeting room as Occupied ? #

Use the toggle button on the top right corner of Zoapi tablet application to mark the room as occupied.

10. Do I need to free the room if I mark it as ‘Occupied’ ? #

No. Zoapi app will free the meeting after the scheduled time.

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