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5. Video Conference – Meeting Links

Do you have a meeting link that you wish to open on the Zoapi Room System but hate to type lengthy URLs? Use the Weblink option to launch any link, be it a meeting link, a shared document, a presentation from a cloud drive, a video link, or anything else.

Note: We use MS Teams as an example here. You can use any conferencing app of your choice (Zoom / Google Meet / WebEx etc)

  1. Video Conferencing apps can be used in one of the two modes.
    • As Guest: Follow step2 onwards to join the conferencing call.
    • As Host: If you are the host for the meeting, follow one of the two below methods.
      • Host the call on your laptop/phone and mute the mic (on-call) and speaker (system) to avoid echo and follow step2 onwards to join the call on Zoapi Hub as a guest.
      • Login to the conferencing app on the Zoapi Hub (You may also have a dedicated account that is always logged in) and follow step2 onwards to host the meeting.
  2. Open Apps tab on the Zoapi Client running on your laptop and choose Weblink.

  1. Enter the link Meeting Link (Zoom/Teams/Meet/Webex or any other link) you wish to open and click Ok.

  1. While Zoapi Hub launches the meeting, the app on your laptop will pop up asking if you would like to use the Remote-control feature. Click Ok.

  1. Use the Remote App to control Zoapi Hub using your laptop keyboard/trackpad/mouse. (You can also use a physical keyboard/remote instead). Click on Join Now (Eg. Teams) on the Conferencing app window displayed on the Zoapi Hub to start the meeting as shown below.

  1. Use Remote/Mouse/Remote App to control the conferencing meeting app running on Zoapi Hub.
    1. Share screen (Entire Screen/Desktop) on conferencing app (Zoom/Teams/Meet/Webex etc) to share the entire Room display.
    2. Enable/Disable the Room camera in the conferencing app.
    3. Mute/Unmute Room mic in the conferencing app.

  1. Use wireless presentation for locally presenting from your laptops to Zoapi Hub. The remote party will see the entire meeting room display.
  2. Use Zoapi Taskbar to switch between open windows as explained in Third-Party Apps
  3. Leave the meeting by clicking on the Leave meeting button.

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