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Zoapi App Store – One unified space for meetings, video & collaboration

Seamlessly manage all your applications on the all New Zoapi App Store with apps that enhance your Zoapi experience.

The Zoapi App Store is a comprehensive suite of professional collaboration tools for enterprises.

 Whether the participants want to share content, participate in video meetings or make phone calls,  use your screens as a digital signage space or for collaboration and whiteboarding, the Zoapi App Store connects you with some of your favorite applications to enhance collaboration.

 The App Store is designed for ease of use while maximizing productivity.

  • Video Conferencing Apps: Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to collaborate across any device with applications like Zoom, MSTeams, Webex, Bluejeans, Lifesize, Chyme, Ringcentral, etc;
  • Whiteboarding: Bring interactive whiteboarding into your meeting rooms so participants can view and annotate on a blank whiteboard or shared content with apps like MS Whiteboard from the Zoapi App Store;
  • Collaboration Apps: For improved efficiency and increased productivity, collaborate with the right tools like Webex teams, Microsoft teams, Click up and more;
  • Softphone: Use softphones to declutter your office and get rid of conventional phones. Present clean workspaces with apps like Softphone.Pro
  • Other essential apps: AppStore also provides many other meeting room essential apps such as chrome browser, RDP client etc

With Zoapi AppStore, the administrator can remotely install, upgrade and manage their favorite apps in the meeting rooms. Zoapi’s dashboard provides bulk app installations, detailed reporting, giving administrators the power to proactively monitor and troubleshoot any issues.

With Zoapi Hub, power up your meetings, scheduling, collaborations and much more with your team.

Do you want your favorite app on the Zoapi Hub in your meeting rooms? Let our team know and we will curate, test and add your app into our AppStore. Feel free to contact us by dropping a mail to or

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