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1. Zoapi Usage Instructions

Zoapi Hub is an enterprise meeting room solution that elevates user experience for in-person and hybrid meetings. Major use cases of Zoapi Hub are wireless presentation for in-person meetings and Conferencing + Wireless presentation for Hybrid meetings.

In the below articles, we explain the standard operating procedure (SOP) for using Zoapi Hub for in-person meeting (Screen sharing from app and browser) and hybrid meetings (Conferencing/Remote Control/Presentation)

  • Screen Sharing from Laptops – App
    Use the ZoapiClient App to share screen from your Windows/Mac/Linux laptops. Zoapi App provides the best screen sharing experience and additional functionalities such as a pause option, remote app, weblink launch, etc.  ZoapiClient app does not require any admin privileges and firewall exceptions.
  • Screen Sharing from Laptops – Browser
    Use the Zoapi Browser app on Windows/Mac/Linux/Chromebook for using wireless presentation with zero footprints on the client laptop. You can share your screen directly from the browser without installing any application
  • Zoapi Remote Control
    With Zoapi’s remote control app, you can use your laptop keyboard and mouse/trackpad to control the Zoapi Hub.
  • Video Conference – Meeting Links
    Launch the Zoom/Teams/Meet/WebEx meeting using the link on Zoapi Hub using the client running on your laptop.
  • Video Conference – One-click join
    Launch Zoom/Teams/Meet/WebEx meeting with one click from the Zoapi Home screen calendar widget.
  • Third-Party Apps
    Use third party apps such as Chrome browser, RDP app, Outlook Calendar, IP Phone App, OTT Streaming App, EdTech Apps etc on Zoapi Hub
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Most frequently asked questions by the Zoapi Users on how to use Zoapi Hub and Zoapi Client products.

You can download the pdf version of the SOP (Zoapi Usage Instructions) from the download section of the website

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