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Zoapi Hub For
Coworking Spaces

Help your members collaborate seamlessly in meeting rooms with the Zoapi Hub. Upgrade your meeting rooms and experience better meeting room interaction in the workspace.

Install enterprise grade solutions for your meeting rooms that not only helps your members connect with their clients from across the world but gives you the freedom to monitor and control your meeting room usage. Zoapi’s advanced technology makes it the right fit for all coworking spaces. With daily usage statistics, multi screen support, video conferencing app support and wireless screen sharing, the Zoapi Hub helps you get the best out of your meeting rooms.

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Built For Coworking

Zoapi Hub solutions are built for all coworking spaces.
Check out how Zoapi adapts to every meeting room requirement in a shared space.

Zoapi pulls a punch on features and performance and all this at an unbelievably reasonable price point. Zoapi celebrates the free thinking spirit of coworking spaces.

Flexible options keep your members by your side. Zoapi helps you keep the room set-up flexible and open to the liking of each of your members. With Zoapi Hub provision you can virtually connect via unlimited number of VC apps from every room.

Your members use all kinds of computer devices and expect your rooms to be compatible with all of them. Your only solution is Zoapi. Zoapi supports all hues of Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android & Chrome-books.

With Zoapi you get complete room management tools. A Tablet calendar app beautifully and functionally displays room booking & occupancy status. Go ahead and reserve the room right from the tablet for a future date.

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