Remote Device Management

Utilization Reports

Security And Encryption

Take Control Of Your Meeting Rooms With Zoapi!

Admin Dashboard

Zoapi not only makes your meeting room smarter, it also gives you full control of your meeting room with an online admin dashboard and remote device management. With the Zoapi advantage, you can manage your meeting rooms, get monthly usage reports and access the online dashboard from anywhere. Zoapi’s encrypted device also ensures that your business meetings remain secure throughout.


What makes Zoapi’s admin dashboard different from others?
Check out the amazing features below.
Remote Device Management

Monitor your meeting rooms on the go. Zoapi’s remote device management feature lets you track, control and configure your meeting rooms efficiently.

wireless presentation device
Utilization Reports

With Zoapi’s advanced screen sharing solution, you can get monthly usage statistics and generate detailed reports on better meeting room utilization.

video conferencing technology
Security And Encryption

The Zoapi Hub is a completely secure solution for your meeting rooms. Zoapi keep your business meetings safe and protected with end to end encryption.

Secured meeting room solution

Watch Zoapi In Action

Learn how Zoapi can transform your meeting rooms into a
smart, productive collaborative space.
wireless presentation device

Learn How Zoapi’s Admin Dashboard Works

Check out zoapi’s online dashboard come to life and learn how you can control your meeting rooms on the go. Manage, track and control your meeting rooms efficiently and get monthly reports from the online dashboard. Watch this video to learn more about this feature.


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