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Top 3 Benefits Of Wireless Screen Sharing In Meeting…

We can say that we live in an era that is “wireless”. In simple terms any device/ technology that does not enslave us to cables or wires and let us connect wirelessly, over the internet is deemed “seamless” or a new-age technology.

Obviously in this age, that has become the goal of any product. To be an “easy-to use” seamless device or software that acts as a bridge between two complex objects and in the end help you work smoothly and efficiently. And if you can make it “wireless”, it’s a winner!

One of the most useful inventions in this “wire-free” age is the wireless screen sharing technology. Well first let’s stress on the fact that screen-sharing technology itself is an innovative way to share your computer screen with each other and collaborate on a big level. It’s a boon for all industries and makes conferences extremely easy and hassle-free.

But “wireless screen-sharing” takes it to a completely different level. It’s not only more convenient and cost-effective, it also has a number of other benefits that you are not aware of.

So let’s look at the top 3 benefits of Wireless Screen Sharing that can make your next meeting more productive.

Freedom From wires

Gone are the days of office computers, now most people work on their own laptops and tablets. So in the time of macbook, windows and android it becomes incredibly hard to keep all compatible cords and wires handy.

When you’re in a meeting room, you’ll want to bring your and your team’s most productive self out. Imagine having to run around for compatible wires and adapters in between important discussions! This completely disrupts the flow of the meeting.

Leaving all cable emergencies, dodgy connections and compatible ports behind, wireless screen sharing helps you seamlessly conduct meetings without the hassle of plugged wires and compatible ports. This is also a big relief for the IT guys who are called on every time to hunt down compatible cables for your device just to get the meeting started.

The amount of time and energy wasted can be instead used in something more productive. It’s time to toss up those cables and switch to the most advanced wireless screen sharing technology in the market.

Freedom To Move Around

Today, giving a presentation does not mean you have to stand in one corner of the room, stuck to your laptop screen the entire time. Wireless screen sharing also means you have the freedom to move around the meeting room while presenting.

See eye-to-eye with your colleagues and present more confidently with the help of an advanced screen sharing technology that does not require you to be anywhere near the TV screen.

Wireless screen sharing allows everyone on the team to connect and be present in the meeting, whether on-site or off-site. With the help of video conferencing apps, remote workers are also able to see your screen while you present and vise-versa. It’s an easy convenient and efficient way to host meetings with your team and remote clients.

Freedom From Delays & Alterations

No matter how important, any meeting can be affected when there is too much disturbance and delays going on. Meetings require the utmost attention of every attendee so that the agenda is complete.

But in cases of traditional wired system, where every presenter has to switch seats, change devices and find compatible cords just to present, it quickly becomes a time-consuming and unproductive environment. By this time, other attendees start losing interest and your meeting is already hampered.

A wireless solution on the hand does not require you to switch seats or devices. You are already on the network and with easy presenter switch options you can share your screen and start presenting within seconds.

Don’t let unnecessary things get in way of your conference. Find a wireless screen-sharing solution that takes care of all your meeting room requirements.

And on top of all this, you get unlimited device features like calendar integration, multiple video conferencing app support, HD camera, remote device, mobile support and much more. Take notes, get multiple screen shares and make your meetings more productive with a wireless screen sharing device that is suitable for all office and campuses.

The ZOAPI wireless screen sharing solution is a complete package that empowers your meeting room with all advanced features. With easy access and no learning curve, you and your team can get on with your daily meetings from day one. Make your meetings more productive with HD video conferencing, upto 100 screen shares and dual screen support. Switch to Zoapi for a great meeting room experience! Zoapifynow.

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