Video Conferencing App Support

Compatible With External Hardware

IT Team Friendly

Connect With Your Clients With Zoapi’s Efficient Video Conferencing Solution!

Video Conferencing for meeting rooms

Connect and collaborate with your clients on the go. The Zoapi hub is a video conferencing wizard with major video conferencing app support that lets you host video calls without any hassle. Share your entire meeting room display with your remote clients instead of a laptop screen and collaborate them through simultaneous screen shares. Zoapi also provides hardware compatibility for your camera and audio systems so you can carry on with your meetings without any assistance from the IT department.


What makes Zoapi’s video conferencing different from others?
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Compatible With External Hardware

Easily connect your video camera and audio systems to the Zoapi device and start video conferencing. Zoapi supports external hardware for efficient meetings.

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Video Conferencing App Support

Connect with your clients and remote team in no time. Zoapi supports numerous video conferencing apps so that your meetings run smoothly.

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IT Team Friendly

With a Zero learning curve and low maintenance, the Zoapi Hub is a relief to your IT department. It is easy-to-use and ensure hassle-free meetings.

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Watch Zoapi in Action

Learn how Zoapi can transform your meeting rooms into a
smart, productive collaborative space
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Learn How Zoapi’s Video Conferencing Wizard Works

Watch how Zoapi’s smart video conferencing system unfolds. From connecting to a compatible audio and video system to collaborating with clients through the screen, watch the video to see how Zoapi seamlessly solves all the complications of a video conference call.



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