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Transform Your Study Halls Into Smart Classrooms with Zoapi!

Wireless Presentation for Classrooms

Give your students and teachers the opportunity to communicate and share knowledge freely. Make classrooms smarter and teaching fun by introducing intelligent solutions that completely transforms the present-day education system.

The Zoapi Hub for campuses is a superior grade screen sharing and collaborative solution that improves student- teacher interaction in classrooms, helps students participate and present in class thereby increasing student engagement and connects educators to students from across the world through virtual learning.

With the Zoapi campus edition, students and teachers can share screens without an internet connection, take snapshots of lecture notes and share online, broadcast messages across classrooms and present wirelessly within 30 seconds. The Zoapi hub opens new doors for students and revolutionize the way education system works.

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Check out how Zoapi adapts to every classroom requirement in education centers.

During team discussions avoid switching to different devices for presentation. Save at least 15-30% of classroom time by seamlessly switching between presenters by connecting to Zoapi.

Install video content playback applications on the device which fetches approved content for classrooms. Continue to use your favorite content provider.

Use advanced camera based analytics to get attention index in classrooms.

Students can now invoke notes application on their laptops and pull screenshots from the presentation to make notes. This makes taking notes lively and students are freed from cluttering images on mobile.

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