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Zoapi Hub Share

Whether it’s a huddle room for brainstorming or a classroom for learning, meet the right technology that helps you present and share ideas seamlessly. Zoapi Hub Share enables your teams to present wirelessly while equipping you with basic conferencing facilities that take your meetings to the next level.

Powered by Intel Pentium J5005 Processor 2.8GHz

Perfect for huddle rooms

4 screen shares

Single display

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Zoapi Hub Meet

Whether it’s a boardroom or a learning centre, empower your spaces with technology that enables collaboration and productivity. Zoapi Hub Meet along with Zoapi Room Controller is a complete solution for all your meeting room needs, from conferencing to collaboration, experience it all with superior technology and an intuitive user interface.

Powered by Intel Core I3 Processor 4.1GHz

Perfect for board and conference rooms

16 screen shares

Dual Display

Video Conferencing

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Zoapi Hub Features

Zoapi Hub is a plug and play hardware solution combining multiple meeting room/classroom essential features like Wireless Presentation, Video Conferencing, Digital signage and more. Explore Zoapi Hub features in detail.

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Features you can enjoy with Share and Meet

Pre-installed hardware | Plug and Play device | Windows 10 IOT | Powered by Intel

Zoapi Hub Share (formerly Basic)

Intel Pentium Processor/ 4GB RAM/ 240GB SSD

4 screen shares

Up to 720P HD camera

Single display

FHD display

Suitable for 4 to 6 seater huddle rooms

Preferred for screen sharing or basic video conferencing

Zoapi Hub Meet (formerly Pro)

Intel 13 Processor/ 8GB RAM/ 240GB SSD

16 screen shares

Up to 4K camera

Dual display

4K display

Suitable for conference rooms & boardrooms

Preferred for screen sharing & video conferencing

Explore our softwares for a complete solution

Zoapi has two softwares that suit different needs, Lite and Premium. When you purchase Zoapi Hub Share or Zoapi Hub Meet, both come with a Lite licence to help you get started along with complimentary 6 month Premium subscription. However, you can choose to upgrade to Premium to do more with Zoapi Hub.

Features you can enjoy with Lite and Premium

16 user wireless presentations | Full suite video conferencing  | Room status and online dashboard | Wi-Fi access point

Zoapi Connect Lite

Zoapi Hub is pre-configured with Zoapi Connect Lite

Essential features for wireless presentation and conferencing

Basic dashboard access

Single image support for digital signage

OTA upgrades for security and fixes

Overview of meeting room usage

1 MB per licence (additional to 10MB per account)

Zoapi Connect Premium

Upgrade to get Zoapi Connect Premium with Zoapi Hub

Complete features for wireless presentation, conferencing, and collaboration

Room controller tablet support

Multiple images and HTML support for digital signage

Full feature OTA upgrades

Detailed reports of meeting room usage

3 MB per licence (additional to 10MB per account)

Calender integration

Annotation and whiteboarding

Bulk management of Licences

Deploy apps in bulk in the app store

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