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Zoapi keeps you flexible

With cables running all around, make-shift huddle rooms get a “WAR-ROOM” look naturally! On an intense project huddle rooms can’t afford prior bookings.

Agile product development teams collaborate more spontaneously. With multiple ideas tossed around it’s natural to expect a contextual lift in AV systems for such rooms.

When more than one team member want to show-up their screens, they juggle cables and shift positions to be nearer to the TV Screen. Switching presenters is an avoidable overhead in meetings.

Switching overheads are more prominent in a business classroom, primed up for group presentations. With 6-7 groups having to present one after another, students just queue-up at the well to beat delays.

Zoapi enabled rooms cut cabling costs in a big way. Zoapi rooms can be dismantled and reconfigured with minimal cost impact. Zoapi rooms allow flexible seating arrangements. With Zoapi switching between presenters can be done at just a click of a button; with no shuffling of people!!

In a nutshell Zoapi rooms keep you flexible, as it leaves you with more money, more space and lot more time.

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