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On-Screen Meeting Reminders

One-Click Meeting join

Make Your Meeting Productive By Integrating Room System With Calendar

Room Calendar Integration for Zoapi Hub

Integrate Zoapi Hub with your meeting room calendar and significantly increase the meeting productivity. Zoapi Hub can be integrated with all popular calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, Nexudus, and generic iCal links. Calendar integration will enable calendar app, Next meeting widgets, on-screen meeting reminders, single click meeting join, and many other features on the Zoapi Hub. By integrating the calendar with Zoapi Hub, you leave no room for unproductivity in the meeting rooms.

All Popular Calendars

Integrate Zoapi Hub with all popular calendar services


What makes Zoapi’s Calendar Integration different from others?
Check out the amazing features below.

Calendar Integration

Integrate Zoapi hub with room calendar for productive meeting

One Click Join Meeting

The calendar event for the current meeting will pop up on the screen. Just click ``Join Meeting`` to join your favourite video conferencing.

On-Screen Reminders

Zoapi will make sure you are punctual by displaying multiple meeting reminders about timings and upcoming meetings.

Instant Refresh

Meetings will reflect on the Zoapi hub instantly as you book using your service

Upcoming Meetings

The upcoming meetings will be displayed on the home screen so that users can plan their room usage.

Hide Descriptions

Option to hide meeting descriptions to protect confidentiality (one-click join will not work without descriptions)

Single Authentication

Authenticate the Zoapi dashboard only once and integrate all your Zoapi Hubs without hassles.

Calendar App

Use the calendar app on Zoapi Hub to view entire meeting room calendar

Multiple Integration

Zoapi dashboard can be authenticated to support more than one calendar account


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