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Zoapi brings your meetings to life

Meeting rooms are more than four walls, they represent a space where ideas bring people together, where partnerships are formed, and where collaboration finds a home. Every meeting room has a purpose, to aid efficiency, innovation and growth, and Zoapi was created to fulfil this purpose. Zoapi aims to bring meeting rooms to life.

Zoapi is more than wireless screen sharing and calendar integration, it’s a one-stop meeting room management solution. Powered by great user experience and technology know-how, Zoapi empowers productivity for businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions. Zoapi transforms the way meetings work.


Making collaborations productive through
super-fast next-gen technology


Building a productive one-stop solution where
teams and individuals connect, ideate, collaborate
and work seamlessly within seconds

Our values

Easy, hassle-free user experience

UX that’s easy for everyone to navigate with minimal intervention from experts.

Made for what you need

From businesses to educational institutions, Zoapi is for everyone.

Always here for you

Our team provides personalised support whenever you need it.

Quality with affordability

Cost effective solution that’s constantly evolving to fit your needs



Awards & Mentions

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