Hassle Free Meetings!

Wireless screen sharing, video conferencing support and Online Dashboard. Reduce meeting delays, maximize room usage, remote provisioning and super efficiency.

Meet Zoapi

Meet Zoapi

Zoapi Hub is an one device solution for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. We have cut out the fluff and give you just the features you need.

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Awesome Wireless Presentations

 No more fiddling with wires and connectors.  Start your meetings in an instant 


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Awesome Wireless Presentations
Simple and Easy Video Conferencing

Simple and Easy Video Conferencing

Zoapi hub supports most popular video conferencing clients. Allow your entire team to join in and collaborate.

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Calendar Integration

Zoapi integrates with popular calendar and room booking tools. 

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Calendar Integration

Loaded with Features

Zoapi is a one device solution for all your meeting room needs

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Zoapi’s for everybody!


Zoapi will make collaboration with your team, super easy and hassle free.

Co-Working Spaces

Give your customers incredible amounts of flexibility and features


Zoapi notes allows students to quickly take screenshots and take notes

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People just like you are already in love with Zoapi!

  • Director – IT, NEXT STORY GROUP

    Zoapi means freedom from wires: not having to fumble with multiple jacks and / or ports to plug my laptop to the display device or while having to share my screen with my team.  Love using Zoapi for both in room presentations and while having video conferencing. Thanks Zoapi for such a fabulous and easy to use device.


    Anilkumar GT
  • Senior Technical Architect, PathPartner Tech

    Using Zoapi for presentations is simple and straightforward. We use it all the time. Way better than dealing with cables!

    Radhesh Bhat
  • COO, PathPartner Tech

    Zoapi is transforming the way we collaborate in our meeting spaces

    Girish Sabat