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Screen sharing for
Meeting Rooms & Classrooms

Start screen sharing from your device within 30 seconds. Simple, fast and effective- that’s what defines the Zoapi Hub. Zoapi’s wireless device is the perfect screen sharing tool for every enterprise because it requires no cables or wires to waste your and your IT team’s time, ensures 30 second sharing for productive meetings and provides multi presenter options for you and your team to collaborate in one go. With an all-in-one solution for all your Windows, Mac, Linux, IoS, Android and Chromebook devices, screen sharing from your device is as easy as it gets. Not just that, Zoapi Hub also supports advanced features like Wired Presentation, Quad View display mode, Pause share options etc

Any Platform

Present your content instantly with a single tap from platform of your choice and enable true BYOD


Share from Zoapi Client app or directly from your browser (app-less)

Mac OS

Share from Zoapi Client app or directly from your browser (app-less)


Share using browser on your favorite Linux distribution


Use Zoapi iOS app from the appstore for seamless screen sharing


Use app from Android appstore to share your screen seamlessly


Use the browser on ChromeOS to share your content

Wireless Presentation Features

Zoapi provides a comprehensive wireless presentation solution, facilitating seamless BYOD functionality in your collaborative environments. With numerous enterprise-grade features, Zoapi ensures trouble-free operation and maintenance.

Multiple Isolated Networks

Connect your corporate and guest networks simultaneously and share from any of them without hassles. Zoapi supports upto four different networks.

App & App less

You can use Zoapi app on Windows/Mac/Android & iOS or you can share directly from your browser on Windows/Mac/Linux & Chromebook

Multiple Presenters

Up-to 16 different presenters can present simultaneously. Switching between presenters and collaborating has never been easy

Quad View Mode

Collaborate with up to four-screen on the main display simultaneously with quad view presentation. Learn More

Content Based Bandwidth Adaption

AI-based bandwidth adaption enables smooth playback even in challenging network conditions.

Wired Presentation (HDMI Input)

Connect HDMI to USB adapter and enable wired presentation along with wireless presentation. Learn More

No Discovery No IP Address

Connect using a 4 digit PIN. No confusing discovery mechanisms or entering complex IP addresses.

No admin or firewall permission

Zoapi’s lightweight app can be installed by guest (non-admin) users as well and does not require any admin or firewall permissions.

Screen freeze for privacy

Pause your screen share with just a click of a button. Browse your mails and finish your work while your team is working on the presented screen.

Instantly switch presenters

Switch presenters with single click of a button. Collaborating with multiple users presenting has never been easier.

Optional Audio Share

Decide if you prefer to share audio to the main display or to play locally on your device

Auto Disconnect

Never worry about privacy. Zoapi app will auto disconnect on closing the laptop lid or locking the system to make sure your screen share is stopped immediately.

Annotation & Whiteboarding

Use Zoapi for on-screen annotation and whiteboarding. Zoapi lets you annotate and collaborate on wirelessly presented screens

Wifi Access Point

Zoapi provides WiFi access point for all your guests and configure the access points to match your corporate WiFi policy for a secure browsing.

Watch Zoapi in action

Check out how seamlessly you can share screen from
your device using Zoapi’s wireless presentation solution.

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