Android Tablet As Room Scheduler

Easy Booking Interface

Integrate Calendar From Cloud Dashboard

On Door Meeting Room Schduler For Hassle Free Room Booking

Room Scheduler

Booking meeting rooms is as easy as it gets. Zoapi provides a hassle-free and seamless way to book meeting rooms with one easy click. Simply click on the Zoapi Room Scheduler app in the tablet installed outside every conference room and book meetings instantly. Check meeting room availability and upcoming bookings easily through the touch screen tablet and get on with your meetings smoothly.
With state-of-the-art technology system and smart devices, Zoapi is transforming the way traditional meeting rooms function.

All Popular Calendars

Zoapi Room Scheduler supports all popular calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, Nexudus and generic iCal links


What makes Zoapi’s Room Scheduler application different from others?
Check out the amazing features below.

Android App

Zoapi Room Scheduler is an android app that can be used to convert any android tablet into a room scheduler. No need to invest in an expensive room scheduler hardware

Mounted Display Device

Zoapi’s Room Scheduler application is installed in every tablet attached to your meeting room so you can check meeting room usage, availability and calendar through the app.

One Click Booking

Book meeting rooms with a single click using quick booking buttons on the screen. The pre-configured button lets you book the room for 15, 30, 45 & 60 minutes.

Room Status

The app changes its UI theme based on room availability. Green, orange, and red themes will be used for indicating available, booked, and occupied status respectively.


Option to check-in rooms for indicating occupied status. Users can just toggle the on-screen button for easy check-in

Auto Cancel

Room bookings can be configured to auto-cancel on no-shows for freeing up meeting rooms for cancelled meetings.

Configurable Background

Configure the app background from the cloud dashboard with your favorite images

Cloud Dashboard

Multiple room schedulers can be configured with a single dashboard account from the cloud. No need to visit meeting rooms for troubleshooting

Optional User Info

You can configure the user to enter their name and email ID. Zoapi will add the meeting invite to user's calendar by sending the invitation to their mail box


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