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Where Zoapi Can Be Used?

Huddle Room

Optimize small meeting spaces with Zoapi’s quick-start smart meeting room solutions, enabling teams to start meetings in under 30 seconds for efficient collaboration.

Conference Room

Enhance collaboration within conference rooms and boardrooms with Zoapi’s seamless conferencing solutions, ensuring productive meetings every time.

Large Meeting Rooms

Transform large meeting spaces into productive zones with Zoapi’s comprehensive hardware and software meeting room solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity and collaboration.

Classrooms For Active Learning

Create smart learning environments in universities, schools, and training centres, facilitating hassle-free conferencing within classrooms and lecture halls.

Get to know Zoapi

A one-stop solution that enables seamless conferencing and instant connectivity for productive collaborations. Elevate your meetings with our flexible software solution, Zoapi Connect, or transform your conference rooms and classrooms into productive zones with our hardware solution, Zoapi Hub. Explore an intuitive interface and create smart meeting rooms with the Zoapi Room Scheduler

Who is Zoapi for


Whether you’re an enterprise, SME, or a coworking space, you can build a collaborative experience with seamless conferencing within your meeting rooms, boardrooms, and more

zoapi classroom presentation device


Create a smart learning experience in universities, schools, and learning centres with hassle-free conferencing within classrooms, lecture halls, training rooms, and more

Why You Should Choose Zoapi For Your Meetings?

Start Your Meeting in Under 30 Secs

With Zoapi, meetings can begin in under 30 seconds, eliminating tech delays and ensuring productivity from the get-go.

Get personalised support

Experience immediate and direct support from the Zoapi team whenever you need it, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

Easy, Hassle-Free User Experience

Navigate through Zoapi’s intuitive interfaces effortlessly, with minimal intervention required from experts, making collaboration a breeze for everyone.

Affordable Solution That Adapts To All

Zoapi offers cost-effective technology suitable for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations of all sizes, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality.

Features of Zoapi Meeting Room Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Zoapi is a comprehensive all in one meeting room solution for seamless conferencing and instant connectivity in meeting rooms and classrooms. It enhances presentations by providing quick-start smart meeting room solutions, personalised support, and intuitive interfaces, ensuring productive collaborations.

Zoapi is compatible with various devices and platforms, offering flexibility and accessibility for users across different environments making it one of the best conference room solutions

Zoapi prioritises security and efficiency in collaboration by offering encrypted connections, user authentication features, and seamless integration with other collaboration tools.

 Yes, Zoapi can integrate with other collaboration tools and platforms, allowing for a seamless workflow and enhanced productivity during meetings and presentations.

Zoapi offers personalised support and training options for users, ensuring they have the necessary resources and assistance to maximise the benefits of Zoapi’s all in one meeting room solutions.

Yes, Zoapi offers wireless presentation capabilities, allowing users to share screens wirelessly from any platform in under 30 seconds. The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.

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