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Make Your Business Meetings More Productive With Zoapi!

Enterprises Meeting Room Solution

Upgrade your meeting rooms with the latest in screen sharing technology. Experience seamless collaborations with your clients and remote team through Zoapi’s fast and reliable screen sharing device.

With just one click, you can start sharing your screens, pitch ideas, present reports and collaborate with your clients no matter where they are located.

Get your remote team on board by sharing latest updates and KPIs through Zoapi’s superfast screen sharing under 30 seconds, video conferencing app support, mobile mirroring, multiple presenter options and much more.

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Built For Enterprise

Zoapi Hub solutions are built for all enterprises.
Check out how Zoapi adapts to every meeting room requirement in office space.

Provision any of your favourite VC apps from the dashboard. This saves installation time and device management.

Device settings can be changed remotely. Use remote diagnostics to monitor devices. Get timely updates on silent devices.

Broadcast birthday messages, welcome your guests and share company wide news simultaneously in multiple rooms using online dashboard.

Guests can be connected to WiFi-AP or guest network, while employees remain connected to corporate WiFi, while sharing their screens. No compromise on data security, with maximum convenience ensured.

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