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Zoapi Room Scheduler

Room Scheduler – Does your meeting rooms need one?

If you and your coworkers are always running into scheduling issues because there is no meeting room scheduler system or policy in place, overbooked conference rooms, stolen or abandoned meeting spaces, lack of visibility into the meeting schedule, and so on are some common issues that cause meeting delays.

In this post, we’ll help you decide whether you need a conference room scheduler.

It is a common misconception that if your company has a small number of employees, then you don’t need a conference room scheduling system.  That suddenly changes when the company starts growing and will run into the problems at one point.

These are the kind of headaches that prevent great workplace experience.

According to the biz journals article – “How do you deal with the shortage of meeting rooms in the valley?”  it is important to educate meeting planners to the current environment so they know how challenging it can be to schedule a meeting.

Fortunately, there are tools out there that can come to your rescue when you don’t want your business to fall apart at the takeoff. But before that, let’s look into common problems faced in the absence of a meeting room booking system

  • Double Booking/Overbooking

At times when more and more meetings have to be conducted, running into overbooked meeting rooms is not just an inconvenience but is also embarrassing while dealing with important clients.

  • Artificial shortage of meeting spaces

Research has shown that a large portion of all booked rooms (around 30 percent) result in no-shows. An artificial shortage occurs due to the meetings that were booked but never held. Someone books the room, and decides not to use it but, forgets to release the reservation. The consequence of this is one less room to choose from.

  • Room usage and productivity reports

The managers need to get room usage and productivity reports. These reports will help to see which meetings rooms are used equally and if not, why that might be and the cost of these meetings. Without a booking system it is not possible to analyze efficiency of meeting rooms.


Sure meetings and the scheduling can be handled using spreadsheets or by sticking notes, but as the number of employees and meetings increases, someone has to gather all the information and reporting stats. These tasks get difficult over time and will consume more and more time and money.

Luckily there is a better way to cope with these problems – Zoapi Room Scheduler App.

It is designed as an on-door meeting room booking system tablet application to manage and control your meeting rooms and get rid of meeting interruptions.

It instantly makes it easier for every one spot available rooms, schedule all upcoming conferences and manage, book ad-hoc meetings.

Zoapi Room Scheduler App provides you with the solution to all of the conference and meeting room scheduling issues;

  • The Room Scheduler app indicates the conference room name and the room status by changing color on the display. You can easily view the meeting room calendar and book meetings through the app installed on a tablet that can be placed outside the conference rooms.
  • With Room Scheduler, you won’t have to worry about the issue of overbooking. It will not allow double booking of conference rooms by any of the users by alerting anyone trying to book the space that it has already been reserved.
  • To guarantee better use of space, and so that more meetings can be held, the Room Scheduler App ensures automatic vacating of the room after a set number of minutes if no one checks-in for the meeting.
  • The app also gives you meeting room management tools with details of the actual utilization of the room.

Booking meeting is simpler than ever with the Zoapi Room Scheduler App. Meetings are all bout focusing on solving greater problems and hurdles, and the last thing you want is to spend your time on booking a meeting room.

Zoapi helps you to streamline your meetings, better your meeting start-up times and participant engagement, so they are not a waste of time, as many meetings end up being. Doing this will help increase your productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Productivity aside, even the finance teams tend to like these optimizations.

If you’re looking for your workplace meetings to be running well, we’d like to help.


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