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Video Conferencing for small businesses – How to choose?

Videoconferencing is an indispensable tool for businesses used for everyday collaboration. Video conferencing boosts productivity among teams and provides different ways of interacting with colleagues and clients. In this post we will go explain what you should look for when you choose Video Conferencing for small businesses.
The benefit of video conferencing goes from lowering travel costs to abbreviated project times as a result of better communication.

Videoconferencing is known to have the following benefits

  • Better communication
  • Improved business relationships
  • Productive meetings
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improved competitive edge

With the growing demand and reliable tech at lower prices, video conferencing is becoming a core enterprise collaboration tool.

While there are several video conferencing services, they come with different features. Most businesses don’t need all of the features, and it can be helpful to determine ahead of time which ones meet your needs the best.

This list will help you to quickly narrow down the features of video conferencing services you should consider:

  • It is advisable for a small business to consider premium options as they offer more functionality. For example, Zoom provides both free and premium versions. But the free version is limited to only 40-minute calls.
  • Choose a video conferencing app that makes collaboration easier, with features like Whiteboard, Screen sharing, Audio conferencing, Webinars, Mobile access or apps, Real-time chat, etc. This is useful for sharing links during discussions and making notes.
  • Another major consideration is whether or not a service is priced to scale based on host or attendee. Those that are priced per host tend to do better for webinar-type environments while those priced per attendee tend to be more attractively priced for collaborative engagements (where anyone could be a host). For instance, Microsoft Teams is a sunk cost if you are already using Microsoft Office 365. But, if you routinely conduct webinars, then ClickMeeting, is an excellent option as it is priced per host.
  • Once you have narrowed down the application in your price range, the most important consideration is the ease of use. This includes signing up, creating a meeting, inviting participants, and setting up audio and video controls. One of the other features to consider would be the number of participants allowed on a call and the number of video feeds allowed simultaneously.
  • Finally, you will need to check compatibility with browsers and system requirements. Some video conferencing services require plug-ins or downloadable apps to get the maximum level of value.

Video conferencing for small businesses as a communication tool is growing at a rapid rate. It is important for businesses seeking to leverage the benefits of videoconferencing to find a partner that will deliver ease of use and present a solution that will deliver a simplified meeting collaboration.
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